How to keep your child column after feeding ?

How to keep your child column after feeding ?
You will need:
  • Newborn baby
  • Strong hands
  • towel, so they covered her shoulder
# 1

Fear mother how to keep the child column after feeding - frequentin family.Unfortunately, in hospitals, doctors are not taught the skill of looking after the baby.Therefore, the majority of young mothers have to start taking care of a newborn child by their own trial and error.Some women do not even realize that the baby after a meal you need to keep a column to him as quickly as possible the air moved.For the time being the kid without a burp can feel good.However, sooner or later, still comes a time when my mother suddenly starts to regurgitate grudnichok eaten jelly, just lying in her crib.Of course, the spectacle seen every woman will cause fear, because the baby can easily choke milk.

# 2

Immediately after feeding grudnichka be sure to keep the column.Immature newborn spine can cause significant damage if you keep it under the ass.Upper hand must always hold the baby's head, holding tight with hi

s forearm.Newborn baby still can not hold his own head, and therefore in need of support and rigid fixation.The second hand on the ass and legs baby tightly pressed against the mother's body.It should be taken into account that the child's head should be at shoulder level and even slightly to cuddle him.In order not to stain your clothes, you need to take care of that shoulder cover with a towel.It is difficult to dress her mother every time, because the number of feedings of the child achieves even eight times a day.

# 3

After the previous procedure baby will sleep much more relaxed, because it will no longer interfere with GAZ cars in the stomach, formed due to air ingestion of milk.However, not every mother knows how it should be to keep your child's column.When the baby is a little growing up, you can try one more effective way of holding column kid.Since three months, a baby begins confidently hold the head so grudnichka time in a given period can be kept as follows.Outweigh the handle and the child's head behind his back, baby's tummy gently rests on the mother's shoulder.Thus there is a slight pressure on the stomach and accordingly grudnichka regurgitation occurs much faster.

# 4

keep the child column is quite difficult during night feedings.Tired Mom usually is half asleep, so the risk of dropping the baby is too large.In addition, most women have to breastfeed the baby almost every two hours.Time to sleep and so are left, but if you have a child and wearing a column, you can feel a real breakdown in the next morning.Also at night the kids have to start feeding stage to sleep.If you wake up the child and take him a column, after it will be difficult to put him back.That is why during the night feedings can put the baby to sleep on and not raising his column.The main thing - do not forget to put grudnichka on the flank, resting body with a towel.Even if the baby and otrygnet night milk a drain on the sheet.

# 5

It also happens that the child shows concern even during the actual feeding.He may start crying without reason and refuse to eat.The first thing you need to do my mother, to try to hold the child column.It is likely that, beginning with the first sips, baby swallowed air milk and now they are causing him pain, tearing ventricle.If anxiety reason is in excess jeep, then immediately after the baby burp quietly continue their interrupted feeding.Especially frequently this happens when a child is too hungry and began to suck milk too intense.Also, my mother should always see to it that the baby took her right breast, completely swallowing the halo of the nipple.

# 6

Some inexperienced and young moms confuse regurgitation and belching.If the child is healthy and nothing to be concerned, after feeding him going ordinary burp air.At the same time eaten for breast milk does not come out back.When a child vomits back half eaten food should be seriously concerned about his health.Perhaps grudnichka something disturbs the body and thus gives to know about internal problems.Or, for example, the child is banal overeating.Newborn difficult to give my mother to know that he had eaten.He can continue to drink milk even after being sated.That excess fluid in and out of the baby after such a strong overeating.To determine the rate of milk should be given only three-quarters of the food that requires the child.

# 7

proper child nutrition - the key to health.That is why you need to carefully monitor his every meal.Inexperienced young mothers should be sure to learn how to keep the child column, in the future, you can avoid problems with regurgitation of milk.Sometimes, regurgitation does not occur immediately, but we need to be patient and be sure to wait for her.Typically, passage of air is not more than five minutes after feeding.You can also try to change the direction or even to throw the baby over his shoulder to achieve a more rapid effect.Grudnichok would feel much better if my mother will see to it that he belched in time and thus do not give more than the gases formed in the stomach.