How to give smektu child under one year ?

How to give smektu child under one year ?
You will need:
  • Smecta
  • Food
# 1

After the birth of the child, especially if it is - the first-born, young mother may be a little confused how to care for them, which mode itinstall, and how to treat the baby if he suddenly falls ill.It should be immediately calm down and think positively.Over time, the skills of caring for the baby will enter into the habit and will be carried out automatically, and the regime develop into just a few weeks.As for the kids disease, the young mother immediately after his arrival from the hospital should make a first aid kit, which will belong only to the baby.The list of essential medicines for children under one year always includes some antispasmodic, anti-colic and adsorbent.Poslednemu should be given special attention because a small child, especially in the age of up to three months after birth, has not yet mature digestive system-kishechnogo tract, and any medication the average quality of the contrary can harm him.

# 2

Young mothers over the yea

rs selected for their kids drug called Smecta.Keeping a vehicle in the house is very convenient because it is suitable not only for adults but also the newborn.However, when the baby will need treatment, the mother may ask, how to give the child up to a year Smecta.Such fears are quite natural, since drugs - something unpredictable, and sometimes can have very serious effects on human health, to say nothing about babies?Of course, you should read the instructions, but most people have the habit after opening throw of her unwanted paper before using any medicine.So what to do if there is no instruction? To begin with it should be noted that Smecta is available as a white powder in paper bags.

# 3

for a child who is not yet a year old, the daily rate of the drug is no longer above the bag.This preparation involves constant exposure, ie to take it for the full treatment necessary throughout the day.If we are talking about the kid, then a bag of powder, the mother can be divided into 5-6 parts, and the same methods, respectively, as a small child digestion process is more rapid than in adults.That is why infants should be fed every two chasa.Davat Smecta child to godamozhno as part of any food or beverage that consumes the child.It can be stewed, water, porridge or infant formula.Still, the ideal option is to add the medication powder in solid food, if the baby is eating solid foods.

# 4

fact that Smekta as mentioned previously - a powder, and being in liquid, it sits on the bottom, respectively, its effectiveness snizhaetsya.Kak mentioned above does not need to immediately diluted with water or food entire portionmedicines intended for the whole day.It is advisable to treat the child smectite, which is diluted directly before its intake.Thus, the drug will be the most effective.It has no smell, no taste, so taking medication the child does not even notice that drinking lekarstvo.Mamam who have not previously used this drug should remember that the treatment can not spend more than 3 days.If during this time the baby is not getting better, then there is every reason to turn to a specialist.Within the clinic pediatrician may prescribe a longer course of treatment Smecta, but the child will be under his nablyudeniem.V case of problems, to treat gastrointestinal disorders in a child smectite - the best solution, because this drug is very loyal and rarely has side effects.And what could be better than a happy and healthy face beloved child?