How to prepare a mixture of the child ?

How to prepare a mixture of the child ?
You will need:
  • feeding bottle
  • dry mixture
# 1

At first prepare infant formula will be quite difficult, but with time it will become quite commonplace.Just two or three feeding, preparing infant formula for an infant would seem the easiest exercise, besides, if you wish, you can buy in the store ready-made mixture or baby milk that is packaged for individual packages and is intended only for one feed.However, each of the young mother should know how to prepare the mixture for an infant.

# 2

First we need to carefully prepare for the breeding of infant formula - it is important to make sure that the hand is all you need - feeding bottle, nipple, cap lock ring, with all the accessories have to be sterilized.Then you have to wash your hands thoroughly and dry.Knowing how to prepare Hawaiian mixture should not have any problems during the preparation of infant formula.

# 3

is important to remember that for each feeding is necessary to prepare a fresh mixture also must comply with th

e right proportions of using dry powder and water.In that case, if the mixture is very liquid, the baby can stay hungry, and will not be an increase in weight.A mixture is too thick can result in that the child and there will be severe dehydration thirst, resulting in a dense regular use mixture can cause disease in the gastrointestinal tract.That is why every mother must know not only how to prepare a mixture of Mexican, but also the rules of preparation of infant formula.

# 4

kettle filled with fresh water, then it is brought to a boil and left for a while, until slightly cooled.Then it is important to monitor the water temperature was the same as indicated on the package dry mix.Also indicated on the packaging exact ratio of mixture and water.The bottle is filled with the necessary amount of water, the water is poured first and then poured the powder, otherwise there is a risk to break the ratio of the components, due to which the mixture will be very thick.It is important to know how to manifest allergic to blend in infants, as not all products are suitable for children and can trigger severe allergies.

# 5

is counted the exact number of dimensional spoonfuls of dry powder (measuring spoon comes with the mixture).Then the bottle tightly closed lid and carefully shaken until the powder is completely dissolved.Before starting to feed the child, it is necessary to check the temperature of the mixture - on the inside of your wrist to drip a little mixture, if necessary, the mixture may cool slightly.Also it is necessary to know each mom and how to prepare the vegetable mixture, as will soon be necessary to begin the first solid foods.