Figuring out how often to change the nipple

Figuring out how often to change the nipple
You will need:
  • Nipples
  • Water
  • Pan
# 1

Not all babies from birth receive breast milk.Therefore, they have to transfer to artificial feeding, which involves the use of pacifiers, which fits over the bottle.We should not forget that this method involves feeding a constant sterilization of children's dishes, and from frequent boiling nipples deteriorating rapidly.Therefore, they should be changed periodically.How often should I change the pacifier?All depends on the material from which the teat is made.This can be either a latex or silicone.Latex - a natural material.Nipple of latex have a yellowish color.The service life of the nipple is not very high.With continued use is a loss of form and subsequent coalescence walls nipples.Therefore, these nipples should be changed every two weeks.Silicone - a synthetic material.Silicone nipples transparent and have no color.They are denser than latex, and therefore the life of their slightly longer.I have such nipples should be every three weeks.

# 2

If the child spit out the nipple, it is not necessary at that moment to thrust it back into his mouth.In the nipple are enough bacteria.In this case, the dummy must be sterilized.Every mother has an idea how to handle the nipple quickly and efficiently.There are several methods of sterilization pacifiers.The easiest way - is boiling.The need to clean the pan to pour a small amount of water to bring it to the boil and lower nipples in water for several minutes.If there is no time or desire to engage in boiling, you can use a different way: it is necessary to boil the water and hold the nipple over the steam for a few seconds.But this method does not guarantee complete removal of bacteria.As a sterilizer can be used classic steamer.To date, the Children stores you can buy a special sterilizer for bottles and teats.The sterilization process in this apparatus takes about three minutes.

# 3

Despite the simplicity of the process of boiling, you should elaborate on the question of how to boil the nipples.Boil for 2-3 minutes is sometimes not enough to completely kill the bacteria.But for a long time to boil it is not worth it because, as the nipples may become unusable.It is important to ensure that all parts pacifiers were completely submerged.It is also necessary to ensure that no air bubbles were formed.In this case, the destruction of bacteria will take place effectively.Dummy, of course, worthy of respect in those moments when a child is naughty or want to sleep.It is undisputed Assistant parents.But when the moment comes, it would not hurt to wean baby from the habit, here on the poor pacifier falls flurry of curses and parents start frantically thinking how to wean their child from the nipples.

# 4

start this process you need to six months, because at this age begins to fade sucking reflex.It should be as small as possible to give the baby a pacifier, especially when there is no need.In this age of communication severely limit the baby with a pacifier does not work, but it is quite possible to minimize.If a child is crying in the - first of all need to find out why and try to distract the crying baby interesting occupation.Independently child can unlearn nipples to three years, but we should not forget that children are constantly sucking the nipple, begin to talk later than their peers.While one; parents;; Ytayutsya wean your baby from the nipples, others only just come on this path and try to find ways to give the baby a pacifier.

# 5

Unlike how to wean a baby from the nipple, problems with how to teach, do not arise.Time dating with a pacifier every parent chooses independently, depending on the baby's needs.Pacifier may be given at times when there are crumbs cramps during sleep, after eating, if the child plachet.Nesmotrya minor pros use pacifiers, parents should try to protect the child from contact with them.Because, the kids quickly get used to all that is good, and separation process takes place in most cases, very painful.Do not injure the child's mind with such trifles.