How to introduce solid foods to the child?

How to introduce solid foods to the child?
You will need:
  • child
  • Mashed fruit
  • Kashi
# 1

baby, to be born, nothing more is required than their mother's milk, as it inideal proportions contain all vitamins and elements necessary for infant nutrition.However, the child is growing, and every day the need for micronutrients and vitamins increases.Therefore, regardless of the method of feeding (breast or artificial), with 6 months should start to introduce solid foods.

# 2

The question is how to introduce solid foods a child is always relevant.Every day, there is much debate about the age at which you can introduce solid foods.But a clear answer to no one, because it is absolutely individually for each child.If the mother noticed that her child does not eats, he pulls his arms and takes a keen interest in food adult, tries to bite or something else expresses their interest, then it's time to introduce him to the new food.There are a few rules of successful weaning.Giving a child needs food with a spoon.To do this will need to pur

chase a special set of dishes for your baby.Introducing solid foods should be in the morning to be able to trace the possible reactions to new foods during the day.If a child refuses to eat any product, do not insist.It is better to wait a few days and try again.

# 3

The question as to start complementary feeding baby, where to start - with puree or juice, vegetable or fruit puree, no defined standards.But from personal experience of many mothers, we can conclude that it is worth to start with all-vegetable puree, because the sweet puree of fruit definitely have to taste a little gourmet and he refuses vegetable puree all.Introducing solid foods should be carefully and gradually.For a start you can give your baby a half teaspoon of a new one-component meals.A single component, because in the case of the use of dishes with two or more components, mom will be very difficult to determine which is the product of an allergic reaction occurs.If the body is perceived novelty baby food is good, the next day can be given for a whole spoonful of this dish.For new type of foods you can move only one week after it was introduced by the previous

# 4

Before giving your child solid foods in the form of grains of cereals, it is recommended; wait; 3-4 weeks after the introduction of vegetable or fruit puree.Better to start with cereals that do not contain milk and gluten.This may be rice, corn, oat or buckwheat porridge.If the baby is gaining weight well, then you can postpone the use of cereals.In conclusion, it should be noted that the age norms of complementary feeding, in principle, does not exist.This is all the templates, invented by doctors for the convenience of quickly compare the needs and concerns of thousands of children.So do not compare your child's appetite with a baby girlfriend.If the baby does not eat porridge, and he was already eight months, the mom does not have to worry on that score.Children may not be the same preferences.One child loves vegetables, like other cereal, and that's fine.You just need to listen to the wishes of her baby.