How fast can occur fatigue in children ?

How fast can occur fatigue in children ?
You will need:
  • Clean Air
  • Room
  • Break
# 1

Every parent must have noticed that the child after kindergarten or school quickly fall asleep or just ask give it a rest, watch a little television, something distracted, then postpone the implementation of school homework?Kids express the same feeling of fatigue crying, screaming, whims, and sometimes even fight, at times they are irritable and even slightly aggressive.It usually manifests in children overwork.

# 2

Fatigue or tiredness occur in children at any age.If your baby will not be able to control and properly distribute the load, then he can begin to develop simptokompleks that characterizes the picture overwrought child.Children have the opportunity to play on, always engaged in something, when not busy with feeding, dressing or washing.It is necessary that the child is not idle, since frequent unemployment leading to increased excitability of children and can cause irritability flashes.

# 3

Fatigue of the body can also occur

due to physical factors of the environment - this is the room temperature, the degree of purity of the air, and even lighting.In the room with heat exhaustion children is faster.If the room is often visited by foreign people or adults in the presence of long and loud kids communicate with each other, it also adversely affects their behavior, resulting in increased irritability.For children, the first three years of life, physical fatigue occurs due to a long occupation of the same thing.

# 4

For example, a child can be a full day in motion and not get tired, and if mom or dad leads him by the hand in any one direction, he quickly gets tired and starts to ask for a hand.This is due to the fact that, running free, he often changes the direction of their movements: it sits, then stop, then jump, go left, then right, and so on, so that there is a change not only the involved muscles, but also relevant..areas of the brain and fatigue can occur.If the arm going to adults and forcibly make the same movement, and, therefore, will involve a long period of the same muscle, one part of the brain it will lead to exhaustion.

# 5

Mental fatigue can occur in older children.So as of now, there are many centers of education with subjects and languages.Unfold the gymnasium, lyceum classes when the children in the afternoon for an additional deal with different disciplines.The main causes of fatigue, not only intellectual overload, but also a decrease in the duration of sleep, lack of presence in the fresh air.