How to wake up a newborn baby ?

How to wake up a newborn baby ?
You will need:
  • Lusk
  • Tenderness
  • Nice music
# 1

When in the house baby caring mom needs to understand intuitively that wants a pipsqueak, and why heIt starts to act up.Particular attention should be paid to sleep, because it depends on the mood of children in the period of wakefulness.But how to wake the newborn, so he opened his eyes with a smile on his face, but did not start a new day with a loud cry?

# 2

First we need to create all the conditions for a carefree wake crumbs, in particular to provide a dim light in the room, quietly work the TV and unhindered access of oxygen.These simple steps will help the child to wake up in a comfortable situation for himself, and his mood will be the most cheerful.But how to wake dad at night will have to smash his head, because the child's crying is not able to disrupt his deep sleep.

# 3

necessary to observe the sleeping crumbs to wake him up in the shallow sleep phase.Typically, in this period, babies shake sponges, grimaces, blinking

eyes and moving eyebrows and light stroking his beloved mom forced open a little sleepy eyes.The baby woke up quickly, it is necessary to disclose a flow of fresh air immediately lead him into a phase of wakefulness.In the same way you can solve the problem of how to wake up her husband.

# 4

To pipsqueak opened his eyes, it can slowly begin to undress, taking off already filled diaper.Such a move will force immediately wake up and sleepily watching everything going on, without shouting and complaining.When the diaper is removed, the child finally wakes up and starts to ask to eat.To avoid being provoked hysterical child, it is important to prepare for feeding time.

# 5

for waking up the newborn can turn on soft music or sing their own children's song, at the same time to wait when he opens his eyes.It is as simple as to wake the person on the phone.When the baby opens his eyes, it is important to immediately establish eye contact with him, so he was not afraid of sudden loneliness and tears.

# 6

There is an easier way to waking up: loving mom can always tickle pyatochku his crumbs, arbitrarily calling on his mouth, a slight smile.He wakes up in a good mood and will only please the loving parents.Whichever method is chosen, the main thing - to wake your child gently and tenderly, putting into action all my love and affection.

# 7

When the child grows up, he will also think about how to wake up the mother to her mood was perfect the rest of the day.So this question is highly relevant to each family.