How to entertain the child in the year at home?

How to entertain the child in the year at home?
You will need:
  • Toys
  • Fantasy
  • Love for children
# 1

How to entertain the child in the year house of the younger children very quickly memorize new information, imitate adults, are they?many people understand if you do not even know how to talk.At the age of one year, the little man is already able to take the initiative to carry out simple actions to take an active part in any activities.The child with pleasure learns the world around us, trying to touch handles everything that gets in his field of vision, and then taste.In adults who know how to entertain the child in the year, time flies fast and easy.Year-olds well-crawling, half of them are already beginning to take the first steps.

# 2

Kids love to play hide and seek, search for objects or human.They are interested in any of the things enjoyed by adults.; The child can play with enthusiasm and a long time even with those items that are difficult to imagine as a toy - it's utensils, tools, boxes, clothing, telephones, remote con

trols and much more.; Kids love to shift the contents of the jars, remove and put on the lid with the tanks, pushing buttons, trying on outfits, explore the hidden corners of the room, wiping dust, feed dolls and the people around them.Karapuzov quite easy to surprise in what the adults have long been accustomed.

# 3

much harder to come up with options on how to entertain month-old baby, who is just learning to distinguish between sounds and colors.Newborns hardly react to external changes, it is more important than the feeling of comfort that gives motion sickness, breast-feeding, warmth and atmosphere sytosti.Pervy year of life - the most difficult for the kid and his family, all trying to adapt to each other and a new lifestyle.The child is badly needed love, care, the constant presence of parents nearby.Cooperative games are pull together, develop intelligence and fine motor skills, promote the rapid memorization of words, awareness of action.

# 4

If the thought of how to entertain the children, arouses interest and provokes different fantasies, then that's great.In stores now have a lot of toys for young children - cubes, pyramids, naked dolls, balls, musical instruments, children's posudku and more.But nothing can replace direct contact and communication.; The children listen attentively to stories, memorize jokes, considering the book in pictures, enjoying the familiar images, vigorously moving to the music, singing in their own language.It is often talk to the child, adding to his stock of knowledge and language skills.Year-olds are interested in home appliances, electronics, if the device is not dangerous for the baby, you can let him examine the object of interest to the design.

# 5

How to entertain children in the summer, when he got tired of sitting at home, and all the toys studied the length and breadth?There is nothing more useful fresh air and informative walks.Children enthusiastically poking a finger on anything that seems interesting to them, and the task of parents - to explain in accessible language all the details about unfamiliar subjects.; Kids can dig for a long time in the sandbox and build shapes from the material at hand, to collect plants, watch the birds and animals, play ball on the lawn, get acquainted with their peers, to let boats in puddles.Every parent knows that fun just for their child.Even at such a tender age, all babies appear certain interests, which is worth a closer look.