How to care for the eyes of a newborn ?

How to care for the eyes of a newborn ?
You will need:
  • Albucidum
  • Sterile compressed cotton pads
  • Breast milk or colostrum
  • Boiled water
# 1

After the birth of the baby examined by a doctor and in order to avoid infection, whichcan get into the baby from the mother or the surrounding environment their eyes dig sulfacetamide.However, this is not all, sincenewborn eyes need constant care.What to do?How to care for the eyes of a newborn, not to harm him?

# 2

most good natural antiseptic is breast milk or colostrum.Before you wash the eyes of a child, you should rub the breasts with cotton pad, it is important that he was sterile, and then drip baby eyes.Better, of course, that the droplets of milk fall into the baby eyes right out of your chest.But if you can not do so, then you can use a sterile pipette and collect the milk in it, and then drip it into the baby eyes.

# 3

If you are experiencing severe inflammation and breast milk do not have enough to rinse eyes crumbs, use milk as eye drops and wash make the boiled w

ater with a sterile cotton pad.The washing should be done from inside the eye to the outer part.And in any case, do not use a disc in both eyes.For each glazik should have a sterile cotton pad.By doing so, you can avoid most of the new infections.

# 4

Eye Care of the newborn is to prevent contagious infection of the mucous membranes of the eyes.And is the process of cleansing secretions that have accumulated, and this should be done every day.If it happened that you do not have milk, a good antiseptic for washing baby eye can become a strong black tea.However, remember that you need to make tea in that capacity, which has passed sterilization.If your child is hyperactive and can not for some time to lie down, he can do lotions of tea leaves.

# 5

If glazik hit mote, pulling her to be very careful not to damage the eye apple.Take a clean handkerchief or a piece of blank paper and slide the lid crumbs, and then gently pull out the mote.You can not make an effort, touching the eyeball should be very easy.Or rinse with water eye.Dial hands into the water, and let the child blinked sick eye in the water, in this case, simply wash off mote virtually painless.