How to determine the size of newborn clothes ?

How to determine the size of newborn clothes ?
You will need:
  • Measure the child's growth
  • measuring tape
  • dressing table
  • Dimensional table Baby
# 1

If you plan to buy clothes for the baby in advance, as soon aswent on maternity leave, you may encounter a problem.Guess what your baby is born, when you wear it another 2 months, it is very difficult.No one knows when you begin labor.For example, if you give birth to a baby at 36 weeks, the baby may weigh a little more than 2 kg.And if you denunciations kid up to 40 or 42 weeks, the weight of your baby can reach and as much as 4 kg.

# 2

It is clear that a child with low birth weight and will have a small increase, and the child with the big weight will be longer.This is important because it is through the body length can know the size of the baby.Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to determine the size of newborn clothes.

# 3

Standard sizes for the child start with size 50.Things of this size are suitable for children with growth of 45 to 50 cm - such clothing is usually

only suitable for premature babies.56 dress size for children who have growth of 51 -. 56 cm These 2 sizes intended for babies.

# 4

Height boys after birth is generally from 49 to 52 cm Girls are usually born a little less -.. From 48 to 51 cm As the child will grow very rapidly, especially the first 3 months of life, then do not buy a lotsmall clothing.

# 5

Because guess the growth of your baby, you can not, it is better to buy clothes size 56.Even if at first it will be large, you can use it longer.A month or two the baby is likely to grow even of this size.

# 6

If you give birth prematurely and the baby will be underweight, do not worry.You will have plenty of time to purchase a small sets of clothes, becausePremature babies are discharged at once.What clothing size newborn, who was born prematurely?In this case, you will need to buy things 50 size.

# 7

Big things you can put on crumbs when he grows up.They will definitely come in handy.Another thing, if you bought the little things, and the child was born big, then you have to give someone the clothes, and you will lose money.

# 8

During the first month of a child can grow up to 6 cm, which means that it needs to buy clothes bigger.The next size - 62. Designed for babies with an increase from 57 to 62 cm