How to dress the newborn at night ?

How to dress the newborn at night ?
You will need:
  • warm ventilated room
  • Cot
  • Children's Pajamas
  • Blanket
# 1

to baby sleep to be healthy and strong to be well erode the room, as well as giveit is enough to warm up.Each child is an individual, so the temperature in the room, as well as for night clothing you selected will be different.How to dress the newborn at night, so it was comfortable: not too cold and not too hot?

# 2

Do not worry too much about what your child will freeze at night because you can overheat it and raise his body temperature.Do not place the crib near a radiator or heater.The fact that neonatal sweat glands do not work, and they are not themselves able to cool itself.In addition, the child can often wake up and will not let you relax.

# 3

Dress your baby as you dress, but add another layer of clothing.For example, cover his extra blanket.As children individually tolerate cold and heat, you need to watch your baby.Some thermophilic and other sleep better in cool.You need to determine what yo

ur child is more like it.Check the spout and handle the baby at night, if the newborn cold extremities and nose, which means that it is cold, and if they are warm, then it is good.These test methods help us to understand how to put the baby at night.

# 4

If the child is at all times disclosed, put on his children's sleeping bag.It is mounted on the shoulders of the baby and seals the body and the baby's legs.So he will sleep and will not freeze.

# 5

If you have a central heating system and disable the schedule, but the apartment is still cool, it is best to purchase insulated version for baby pajamas and put on his warm socks.

# 6

best to underwear was made of cotton fabric, and she was out of pajamas and flannel stories.Natural fabrics give the body the baby to breathe.Wear baby in the free stuff, but in size, otherwise the baby will be entangled in them and sleep poorly.If the air in the room cool, then put on light on the newborn cap becausehe openly benevolent.

# 7

For a child the most suitable temperature in the room is considered 23-24⁰S when he sleeps and 1 or 2 degrees lower than when awake, even though an adult at this temperature can not be comfortable.