As a newborn given vitamin D

As a newborn given vitamin D
You will need:
  • bottle of an aqueous solution of vitamin D
  • teaspoon
  • Consultation with a pediatrician
  • Walking on air
# 1

Typically, vitamin D is credited with kiddies in the third week of lifeor two months depending on the conditions on the street.The fact that this vitamin is present in the milk of nursing mothers, but it is produced in the body of the child on their own, if he often walks in the fresh air on sunny days.

# 2

winter usually little sunlight, so kiddies appoint a water solution of vitamin D. To prevent a single drop is enough for a day.This is a necessary action to prevent the baby from rickets.Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium, so the baby will grow healthy and strong.

# 3

There are several ways to give the newborn vitamin D. For example, you can directly drip the medicine in the baby's mouth, directly from the pipette.You can dilute the drug with a drop of water on a teaspoonful or add vitamin little one in food.An important condition: the drug must be given

in the morning.

# 4

If the baby is developing rickets, then he needs to increase the dose of vitamin D on the adoption of 4 drops.Depending on the severity of the disease, the dose may be increased to 10 drops per day, but this should not be done alone, such decisions should be taken by the doctor.

# 5

use of drugs, as part of which contains vitamin D, can cause allergies in some babies, so do not risk giving your child medication without consulting your pediatrician.

# 6

should also be noted that, for premature babies, the daily dose of vitamin D is greater than the daily dose for full-term infants.In a first such case, the dose - 2-3 drops, and the second - 1-2 drops for one day.

# 7

Vitamin D is absorbed by the child's body for water-based neonatal better.Therefore, many pediatricians prefer to prescribe a drug is water-based.If your baby bottle-fed, in the case of vitamin D contained in the mixture, it is not necessary to provide an additional child.Read the composition of the mixture to make sure whether there is in it Vitamin D.

# 8

If you walk in the sun in the warmer months, it is necessary that the kid for some time has been stripped as possible, becauseVitamin D is released by the body only because the kid UF-radiation of the sun.