How to bathe a baby in a large tub ?

How to bathe a baby in a large tub ?
You will need:
  • Soda for disinfection
  • Sponge to wash the bath towel
  • Water for bathing
# 1

The first step is to wash and disinfect the tub.Disinfection can be done with soda.Apply a sponge bath wash a little baking soda and rub it well surface of the bath.Leave for a few minutes.After a rinse.Soda is not only disinfects, but is harmless, not causing allergy agent.

# 2

Looking at the state of health of the child, you need to determine if you need to boil water crumbs or you can dial it from the tap.Then type in a warm water bath.Temperature fetch water should not exceed 37⁰.If the house has a thermometer to measure t⁰ water, then use it to monitor this process.If the thermometer is not, try the water with his elbow, if you do not bake, then the water is acceptable.

# 3

to the bathroom was not too damp and stuffy, you must first dial the cold water, then stir it, add warm water.The question is, how to bathe the baby in a large tub?

# 4

door to the bathroom is not necessary

to close becauseindoors, where baby bathing shall be the same temperature as in other rooms.In this case, the baby will not notice the transition from the bathroom to her bedroom.

# 5

Before bathing you must wash your hands well, remove the jewelry, so as not to hurt the baby.The baby was not afraid, lower it into the water slowly and smoothly

# 6

correctly hold the crumbs in the water.Grasp his hand on the shoulder, which is farther away from you.Or you can keep the baby in the armpit and wrists to hold his head.By doing so, you can safely bathe the baby.Eventually you end up learn how to bathe a newborn baby in a large tub.Wash all the folds, so that they do not breed bacteria.

# 7

wash your hair, you can swim in the end.Gently apply the shampoo or soap on his head, and then rinse with water, ranging from facial and ending with the back part of the baby's head.To teach the baby to hold your breath, you can water it and from the occiput to the forehead, but this should be done with clean water.Talk to the baby when he doused his face and warn of "diving", then it will experience less stress.

# 8

the baby wrapped in a towel after redeem it.Then Wrap the baby in a dry towel and move on to the body lubrication process crumbs.After that, it is necessary to dress the baby.