How to bathe a newborn in a daisy

How to bathe a newborn in a daisy
You will need:
  • Chamomile flowers
  • Boiled water
  • warm room
  • Towel
# 1

newborn bathing process in the decoction of chamomile should start early in the morning.First of all you need nakipyatit water and cool it.Pre-brew chamomile (1.5 hours before bathing) to the broth could brew.If you bathe the baby for the first time, be sure to observe his reaction to the broth.Any herb can give an allergic reaction, so do not mix different types of grass, but rather stay on any one.How to bathe a newborn in a daisy?

# 2

You can make a test to see the reaction of the baby on a daisy.Apply warm broth in a small area of ​​skin.If within half an hour is not observed any redness, it means that the crumbs are not allergic to grass.If the skin is flushed, do not use for bathing baby daisy.Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be used as an antiseptic for skin diseases.

# 3

Before starting, thoroughly clean bathing baby bath from contamination.This can be done with a sponge, grated s

oap and running water.Then you need to pour boiling water bath.This is to ensure that the body and the body of the newborn did not get an infection.

# 4

When ready, pour into the bath, pre-cooked boiled water.When it has cooled down, then heat the water up to 35-36⁰S, the maximum temperature for a newborn is 37⁰.Then dilute the water with broth.Bath with chamomile for a newborn should not be highly concentrated, the broth must be weak.

# 5

Gather clothes in which you are going to wear crumbs after bathing.Oil for rubbing or cream should also be at hand.Undress your baby and slowly lowered into the water.First spray the child, so he was used to the water, and then carefully pull it into your hand, put it in the broth chamomile.

# 6

first bathing can take 5 minutes, and then gradually bring spending time in the water up to 15 minutes.Bathing in chamomile can be repeated three times a week.Do not rinse your little one with clean water immediately after a bath, because so long as the grass will give their healing properties.

# 7

As your child grows, you can increase the fortress chamomile decoction.If you are in doubt about the proper use of chamomile for neonatal bath, then you should consult your doctor for advice.