How to write a fiction story ?

How to write a fiction story ?
You will need:
  • good idea
  • Flight of fancy computer, notebook, paper
  • Computer skills
  • handle
# 1

The first and most important thing - to come up withidea.The plot of the story is to be unusual, extraordinary, to cause permanent interest of the reader.Create a new earth, the new world, a new galaxy.No matter what, the main thing that it was interesting and fun.To fill in a dream world, is necessary to create the characters of both positive and negative.

# 2

endowed their characters real human habits, then they will seem to the reader closer and more natural.In the process of writing the story tighten, inflame the situation, add color.Let your characters are experiencing real feelings of joy, pain, loss, hardship, pride and dignity.Let the battle with the aliens to save their home planet or conquer new worlds in the endless expanses of space.

# 3

Before you write a fantastic story you must think all is well.Very carefully think over the situation surrounding the main character

s.No need to bore the reader with superfluous details description, but greed is not appropriate.In the description of nature, landscapes, environment, do not use the hackneyed phrase.It is also advisable not to repeat the previously written by someone phrases.

# 4

So, the three major components of the story you have.Now begin to combine them into one.To do this, use beautiful literary expression.Avoid any inconsistencies and speech errors.Read carefully every line.Keep track of the grammar.Remember, the more competent is your work, the more likely it is like the reader.

# 5

If you have a great story, but do not have enough material to write a great work, it will be a great substitute for short fiction stories.It is very small in size, one might even say tiny stories, unencumbered by superfluous information and unnecessary detail.

# 6

creation of such texts requires extraordinary abilities, because it is very difficult in the two, three sheet to fit the essence of the story.Draft your story ready.Print out (or write down) a few copies and give read family, relatives, friends.Let them appreciate your creation.If they really like it, it makes sense to carry the manuscript to the publisher.