How to write a good story

How to write a good story
You will need:
  • interesting plot
  • Smart idea
  • desire to write a story
# 1

visiting card of any story is heading.Humor, fun rhyme or original combination of words will not go unnoticed.title challenge is attracting attention.And here is your choice - to use only an interesting combination of words, or to make an allusion to the story make sense.

# 2

Your story must present an original idea.And if you are describing real life, so far, this idea has to be framed correctly - it should be development.And most importantly - you have a clear idea of ​​its development and the end.

# 3

A good story always written "for himself", and not for commercial or for literary success.Try to avoid cliches and literary goals phrases to be both writer and reader - that is what will help you succeed.Even if the story is about the indoor flower and his ability to imagine the introduction of additional adjectives make it special and will interest readers.

# 4

the Literary Institute are taught how t

o learn how to write short stories.But to write a good product does not necessarily to learn five years.The golden rule is to write them reads in the successful text necessarily have three components.What kind?they are different for each author.In a good story, there is the whole range of emotions.Making the first reader to laugh, then cry, then laugh again - in that order - your key to his heart.

# 5

But we should make sure that the story was not emotionally overloaded.Emotions, as well as descriptions of places, people should not be too much.the reader's interest throughout the entire reading process will support the turns of the storyline, a certain unpredictability.

# 6

Innuendo.The process of "thinking and conjecturing" reader of the storyline, the characters' lives, as well as the prediction of events will carry away the reader grasp force, re-read your work.And certainly bring upon some thoughts before or after the next reading.And most importantly, how to write a good story, never doing?Nothing.Practice and only practice - your chief assistant in the world of literary creation.