How to write an interesting story

How to write an interesting story
You will need:
  • «fresh» idea
  • visionary
  • desire to write a story
# 1

Firstly, interesting story should hook the reader.To do this, you need to work with the title - a metaphor, an original combination of words, with his famous quote by adding help to attract the attention of potential readers.

# 2

Secondly, an interesting headline should eat a fascinating story.An exciting storyline, adventure or unusual twist necessarily interested in the reader, who will want to read your work to the end.

# 3

interesting story - as a person, has its own flavor and style.If your story will have its own style, even with errors in something else, the reader will appreciate it and will enthusiastically grasp the meaning of each line.

# 4

visionary will not be difficult to write an interesting story.After all, she will need you not only to write fantasy, but also a story about everyday event or phenomenon.Unexpected twist, adding a storyline or special trait of the hero - whatever comes to you

r mind, a variety of story.

# 5

idea for a story can serve anything: a walk through the woods, talking to people, interesting interior, even banal views you can to push on the development of ideas.Therefore, if you set out to write an interesting story - Get a notebook, which will celebrate all the fun that is happening around you.

# 6

Choice endings depending on how you want to be remembered by the reader.Smooth end helps prepare the reader, sometimes even helps to guess the story ending.Sudden stops as the ending of the reader halfway sudden end is often unexpected and makes ponder read again.Feature of many interesting stories often innuendo.Continuous holding the reader in the dark, the intrigue, the reader and writer unravel together throughout the story - the key to success, both for professionals and beginners.

# 7

And yet, how to write an interesting story?No matter how trite answer, write.Write more often, the practice helps develop intuition, which tells you where you can add an interesting episode or add vivid description of the situation.Interesting story, your style, it is necessary to multiply the emotions innuendo.The tragedy, but where's the reason to laugh is sure to impress even the most pragmatic readers emotions revive your work and fill it with bright colors.