How to write a novel ?

How to write a novel ?
You will need:
  • rich vocabulary
  • few examples in the form of already written by famous authors tales
  • Patience and persistence
# 1

Many authors mistakenly believe that to write a story easiersimple.This is not so, because it is one thing to establish it, and to send for perpetual storage in a bookcase, and quite another to do it in the name and earn good fees.As is known, the main goal of any budding author to become a successful and "readable".

# 2

Once the goal is set, and finally selected a literary genre, you need to remember three things that will help the author in writing of his work: the talent, hard work and luck.Of course, all these components are of paramount importance, but it is worth to start with hard work and talent.As for talent, it is not inherent to all authors, but it is quite possible to develop in himself, and for this it is necessary to read a few stories and accurate rating for yourself to determine what is the secret of their success before writing his work.A

nd then we can overstep your creative process.

# 3

Before writing the story, it is necessary to determine the plot, and here also it is recommended to choose themes popular in a society that will motivate readers, and hence the book will be in demand.Now, regarding the hard work: we should not think that all the great writers wrote his immortal works directly in the finishing option, they also spoil a lot of paper, while creating their own story.So it is necessary to prepare for the fact that the novel writing takes more than one day, and the hard work only helps to hone their skills and ability.

# 4

In answering the question of how to write a story, it is important to remember that it must have a certain readership, an intriguing storyline, and be written in the same style, or a product will be doomed to failure, and his publisher did not takeno revision.But the main thing in the story must be present innuendo, that the reader, having read it to the end, he continued to think about the fate of the characters and events to compare with the real world.Then we can assume that the author is not a beginner just achieved success, but is also an expert in their field and, therefore, success in the literary world provided him.