How to start writing a novel ?

How to start writing a novel ?
You will need:
  • unlimited imagination
  • Ability beautifully formulate proposals
  • rich vocabulary
  • Free time and muse
# 1

Of course, the question of where to start writingnovel, someone can have fun answer: "Take a paper and sit down so write", but in reality things are not so simple as it might seem at first glance, the inexperienced layman.First you need to decide on the genre, to continue to have written a work enjoyed notable success in society.It's worth a walk to the district library and find out what genres are read by people of all ages today.Also it does not hurt to look into the bookstore and find out what books are most often buy.After such public research with the choice of the genre will be much easier to decide.

# 2

Also, before you start writing a novel, it is necessary to mentally organize and think about the story in detail.You can even make a paper separately on a specific plan, that is a brief note sequence storyline that further thought is not confused.It will be a

kind of cheat sheet, which is sure to come in handy in the creative process.

# 3

Then you need to determine the volume of his work.It is better not to create a novel in four volumes, like the novel "War and Peace", but rather to reduce it to a maximum of 300-350 pages, otherwise readers will simply deter such large-scale volumes.Yes, and its publication would cost considerably more expensive than the author.

# 4

Before starting a novel, you need to consider its story, and the number of actors is precautionary to reduce to a maximum of 10 people.A crowd of actors is difficult to remember, and more extensive storyline will seem very boring to the reader it might just get confused and lose all desire for further reading.Also, do not forget humor, which will give a positive reading and easy, and the desire to read will occur again and again.

# 5

When a genre is finally chosen, thoughtful storyline, distributed all the characters and there is a certain sequence of thoughts, you can begin to create their own masterpiece, which is sure to be popular with readers of all ages.