Liquid chestnut diet : how to lose weight with it?

You will need:
  • liquid brown
  • instructions for use
# 1

Today, almost everyone dreams about slim and beautiful figure, because overweight spoil not only the appearance of man, butcausing tremendous harm to health.But unfortunately, not everyone can turn from fat to slim heavyweight.Obesity is increasingly gaining momentum.Some people are prone to be overweight on genetics, who - then sedentary work, not giving the possibility of conducting an active way of life, and who - it does not know anything about healthy eating by eating harmful fast food and other harmful products.Dieting is not that everyone, besides, not everyone can use this method of weight loss for health reasons.But, even if they sustain a diet, after its completion, when a person goes on a usual diet, the weight comes back anyway.

# 2

And how to be, simply put up with excessive body weight and keep it to gain or harass themselves the heavy physical exertion and the most severe diets, which ultimately did not simply return

to throw, but prihvatyvayut with a couple more- three extra kilos?Not at all, there may come to the aid of an excellent tool that promotes gentle and safe weight loss - it's liquid brown!It is an innovative tool in the field of fat burning supplements, giving the opportunity to lose weight without any - any effort.Brown liquid - is the complex biological - active ingredients in the composition, which includes components such as theophylline, guaranin, teobramin, as well as adjuvants, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, amino acids, saponin and Resin.

# 3

From the composition of the drug, it is clear that it not only helps to lose weight, but also help to compensate for the lack of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and all known for their beneficial properties of amino acids.When using liquid chestnut reduces appetite, speeds up metabolism, increases immunity, normalizes blood pressure, improves the function of the digestive cycle, there is the energy and the desire to exercise.Many believe it is a wonderful tool, because it solves a lot of problems.It is necessary to consider in more detail the composition of the liquid chestnut.One of the components of substances is guaranine.Guaranine developed from tropical plant guarana, which grows in the Amazonian part of countries such as Brazil and Peru.

# 4

guaranine properties similar to those of caffeine, only in the study were identified guaraniana longer time elimination from the body, and more long-lasting effect.Useful properties guaranine is suppression of apathy, inactivity, removing toxins from the body, accelerating metabolism of substances and exchange, in consequence, which normalizes the entire endocrine system, in addition, reduced appetite.Origin guaranine natural, has no relation to chemistry.Theophylline and teobramin included in the composition of the liquid chestnut, increase the amount of oxygen in the blood by increasing guaranine steps that increases the amount of carbon dioxide is output from the blood, leading to greater energy consumption, and consequently to burn fat.

# 5

use of liquid chestnut guarantees weight loss of 5-7 kilos per month, you can use it for a long time.The drug is administered twice a day, preferably in the morning, because after drinking celebrated the rise of forces, energy, drowsiness disappears, half a teaspoon.Can be added to food, liquid, marked strengthening effect when applied to apple juice.Duration may be one - three months, depending on the amount of adipose tissue, and excess weight.We do not recommend taking the drug before going to bed, as well as the combination with caffeinated products.People applying liquid chestnut, notice the onset of action after only twenty minutes after application.It is unique and not everyone can believe it.But one has only to try to make sure that it's true.

# 6

marked increase in activity, raising mood, a desire to exercise, but with prolonged use - improving the color and texture of the skin, reducing the fragility and loss of hair, nails become stronger, longer break.Weight after the drug is non-refundable.With a huge number of useful properties of the liquid is brown and contraindications.If observed severe dizziness, increased blood pressure, flickering before the eyes, it is necessary to cancel the use of the drug and consult a doctor.The fact that some components of the preparation may indeed exert this effect in mind the characteristics of each different organism.Therefore, in the case of ill health is not worth the risk, it is better to give up and to find other ways to reduce weight.

# 7

drug is not recommended for use in cardio - vascular diseases, coronary heart disease, kardionevrit, atrial fibrillation and other renal impairment (pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, hydronephrosis, renal failure, etc.), people with the disordermental (schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, paranoia, etc.), hypertension, stomach ulcers.Do not combine with drugs acting on the psyche (antidepressants and psychotropic).Before applying are encouraged to consult with a specialist.The beautiful and slender body - this dream.With the advent of such a wonderful tool, it can be realized.But, remember that beauty does not bring happiness without health.