Liquid chestnut of Brazil - a novelty in the industry of beauty and harmony !

Liquid chestnut of Brazil - a novelty in the industry of beauty and harmony !
You will need:
  • "Liquid chestnut"
  • Dietary food
  • Exercise
# 1

Not so long ago appeared on the Russian market an innovative tool for weight loss."Liquid chestnut" from Brazil ensures that its regular use can be lost in just a week up to 7 kg of weight.How true the promises of manufacturers?I must say, in this case, advertising is not lying.Using dietary supplement can really become much slimmer.However, this will happen only when the complex application "Liquid chestnut", exercise and well-composed diet.Naturally, such requirements raise the question: why use this dietary supplement?

# 2

In any pharmacy widely available dietary supplements whose action aimed specifically at weight loss.Why the consumer should stop your choice on the "liquid chestnut"?The fact that most of the existing dietary supplements based on the use of laxatives and diuretics substances.Prolonged use of these agents leads to disturbance of kidney function, liver, and intestines.In addition, regular use of laxativ

es is addictive organism.So stop taking the money, people are often faced with the problem of constipation.

# 3

similar problems never arise when losing weight with the help of "Liquid chestnut."The basis of preparation is a natural plant component, guaranine, which is extracted from the fruit of Amazonian guarana.In fact guaranine is nothing other than caffeine.caffeine properties have long been known not only medical, but also the consumer.The substance is a potent stimulator of energy that can spur the metabolic processes and the production of energy.A person using the nutritional "Liquid chestnut" differs vigorous and cheerful.Naturally, this is not the only component of the drug.

# 4

addition guaranine "Liquid chestnut" contains theobromine and theophylline.These agents regulate body processes associated with metabolism.However, we find out what they are pacemakers.Therefore, the use of effective BUD is strictly forbidden in the presence of diseases of the circulatory system.Also, the drug can cause an allergic reaction in the presence of its increased sensitivity to component.The composition of "Liquid chestnut" is mineral-vitamin complex, consisting of the elements necessary for the body, such as vitamin A, B1, E, magnesium, potassium, and so on. D.

# 5

Currently, guarana extractIt used in some countries for the production of food products and pharmaceuticals.Research in the scientific laboratories of the USA recognized plant harmless to human health.In Latin America, Guarana is added to the confectionery and soft drinks, toothpaste.It is used for tea and drink - an analogue of coffee.Therefore, we can safely say that the use of "Liquid chestnut" completely safe and practically does not have any side effects.Moreover, guaranine contained in the product, recommended for sports nutrition.

# 6

drug use is extremely simple.During the day, people have to take half a teaspoon of the powder prepared from the fruit of a unique plant.You can wash down the powder with water, add a variety of dishes, mixed with yogurt and juices.The advantage of the preparation before the caffeine, by the way, is that guaranine for several hours remains active, whereas the caffeine action ends pretty quickly.Also, unlike caffeine, guaranine no negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract organs and does not cause a person heartburn.