How to buy ready-made food in the store ?

How to buy ready-made food in the store ?

For the modern city dweller becomes habitual constant rush, when you do not have time not only to rest, but even cooking.Therefore, in most major cities, where the time of movement from home to the workplace takes quite a long time, successfully developing the business of selling the finished food.

How to prepare food in the shops

the store you need to learn well before the acquisition of food - highly doubtful that all of it will be of equal quality and fully comply with all standards of sanitation.This is especially true for the departments of finished products at major grocery stores, open or with the support of the expanded retail network of hypermarkets.This is due to the fact that such "appendages" usually gets substandard products, which are sold through a retail network is extremely problematic, and beat off the money spent on its purchase is necessary.

Therefore, all shops selling finished products can be divided into two categories:

appendages large hypermarkets and retail chains in

which the product is to choose with extreme caution;

independent company specializing in making and selling high-quality food.

to prepare those and other diametrically opposed, and almost from the first minutes of communication with the seller in the process of selecting the required products can be determined by the type of the one or other point of sale.

How to determine that the food is cooked poorly

In order to determine whether the purchased food is cooked from fresh and quality products, just enough to pay attention to her appearance:

If the cooking process used tainted ingredients infood is clearly seen an abundance of spices, which will greatly interrupt the smell and taste of substandard products.

If instead of lump meat or other products must be present in the dish beef, it is likely that this food is cooked meat from illiquid.If minced and should be the main ingredient, but it is more like a finely chopped mash, you should definitely refrain from buying such food.

determine the freshness of salads, too, is not difficult.To do this, just look at their appearance, because all the vegetables eventually produce juice and mayonnaise or sour cream, used for refueling, are weather-beaten property.Therefore, if the capacity of a salad is almost empty, but it looks like just cooked - there are well-founded suspicions that the seller gave a special dish attractive appearance.

Do not believe the representative of the manufacturer, which tries to offer some sort of dish, especially if the appearance of the latter inspires suspicion.Most likely, the seller is just trying to sell the unsold goods.

How to buy ready-made food in the store

In principle, to acquire food in unfamiliar places is simply not advisable from the point of view of the health care, but if you still have to do it in a variety of specialized institutions, you should adhere to the following rules:

in the dining room or establishments offering prepared food, must be a certificate of compliance with all sanitary conditions.Each store, taking care of his good name, he tries to hang a copy of the certificate in a prominent place, so that consumers do not arise even thought that you can buy something of poor quality.

All specialized institutions need to buy only those products that are the most difficult to give the appearance that does not match the actual state of the acquisition of ready meals.The easiest way with incomplete confidence in the quality of products to buy whole meat or boiled chops and fries.

When purchasing ready-made dishes in the stores better to refrain from the selection of salads containing eggs.This product is very capricious in storage conditions and can not immediately determine that it is spoiled.A severe food poisoning when receiving low-quality eggs guaranteed by almost 100 percent.

Only a balanced approach in the choice of ready meals in places of retail trade will not result in a hospital bed.It is better to overpay a little for really high-quality and healthy food, than then spend several days at the health facility.