10 tips on how to select inexpensive wine

10 tips on how to select inexpensive wine

did not exist in the USSR wine culture.The drink was considered a dessert, and so was sweet.And it only differed in color.Red wine or white - the dilemma of the Soviet man.To taste the same it was the same.

But as time passed, expanded range of wines, more and more people become interested in what is in their glass.And there was a stereotype: only expensive drink can be delicious and fragrant.Even though the budget brand pretty decent today.

wine for everyday consumption in general should not be expensive.For dinner, you can take an ordinary bottle at a modest price.But here it is important to choose the right wine.For a cheap drink can be not only tasteless, but also harmful to health.And if you're lucky, if you wake up in the morning with only a headache.Worse, if you get severe poisoning.But do not think that all the wine at an affordable price - poor quality.Among the budget options full of bottles with excellent drink.It is necessary to learn how to find them.

1.Pokupayte in the range

of 300-600 rubles. Wine cheaper 300, unfortunately, can not be attributed to the quality of products.But the drinks are more expensive would be appropriate on a home dinner or at a party.You'll get to enjoy it, but do not expect more.The versatility of taste, alas, you can not feel it.

2.Berite bottle on which falls the shadow. Budget alcohol is not stored in the wine cellar, it is located on the shelves in the sales area.And often the bottle "tan" right under powerful lamps shop.So before you buy, make sure that the container is cold.If it is hot, and in the product "boiled", losing all of its taste and properties.Take the time to climb deep into the bench and take the bottle, which does not get the spotlight.

3. Do not purchase it on sale. Huge discounts are attracted, but make no mistake.Miser pays twice.Look closely at the bottles, if they have an external defect (damaged label on the bottle is dirty or spray), then the price is reduced because of this.This can take.

If the packaging does not have shortcomings, it should be wary.Certainly spoiled product itself.

4. Choose wine. Rule "older is better" with budget drinks does not work.If you see a "mature" wine costing up to 600 rubles, it is likely to sour.Just this bottle or batch time is not sold.Thus the product you are certainly not poisoned, but the taste is clearly not going to like.Therefore, choose a young wine.

5 . Focus on white wine. manufacture of such beverage technology simpler.And the cost is lower.The chances of inexpensive choose a good wine among whites is higher than among red varieties.

6.Smotrite on geography. European drinks will cost more, because France, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.We engaged in winemaking since ancient times and have succeeded in this field.Production of the New World (Chile, Argentina, the United States) has a more affordable price.In these countries, the vineyards are relatively new, which allows not to overestimate the cost of drinks so far.Delicious wines are those, and others, but if you want to save even more, you should give preference to drinks from the New World.

7.Not focus on traffic. There is an opinion that the quality of wine can only be a natural cork.Even expensive products today meets with silicone or screw capsule.These are just a selection of the manufacturer.

8.Do not look at the grape. taste of the drink is more dependent on manufacturing technology: the date of the harvest, fermentation temperature, sugar level.On the variety is not guided, study other factors.Good inexpensive wine - young: last year or 2-year-old.Note that the label must indicate "natural wine".If not, then drink - synthetic.

9.Zabudte about sweet. You may be surprised, but nowhere in the world do not use semi-sweet or sweet wine.There are, of course, dessert varieties, but they are not in demand.Intense and rich taste only in dry wines.

10.Razberites the place of manufacture. Note, where the wine is not only produced, but also spilled.It is best to choose something that is done without intermediaries.When the manufacturer is solely responsible for the quality of the product, it is not profitable to lower the bar and spoil the reputation.But mediators sin that was diluted with wine, in order to reduce costs.

As you have seen, the choice of wine is necessary to carefully examine its label.In order to please yourself and loved ones inexpensive and tasty drink, buy young (1-2 years) the product is manufactured and packaged in one place, preferably imported from New sveta.I let it be a cold bottle of dry white wine.