How to prepare rolls at home ;how to cook rice for the rolls ?

How to prepare rolls at home ;how to cook rice for the rolls ?
You will need:
  • Nori
  • Figure
  • Fish
  • Cucumber
  • Cheese
# 1

Currently residents every corner of the globe can pamper yourself and your family rollsown cooking.You do not need any special knowledge and skills, you only need the desire.Consider how to make rolls at home and you need to do.Before, some of the ingredients needed to prepare the rolls to be determined.First of all you need a special rice for sushi.It differs from the traditional rice from which housewives cook pilaf.Rice for sushi more sticky, allowing you to keep in shape and Rolle did not crumble.Of course, some skillful hostess prepare rolls of ordinary rice, but in this case, guarantee that your meal will not collapse, no one can not give.

# 2

more need for nori rolls.Nori - is dried and pressed seaweed sheets and sold them in the selection must pay attention to the integrity of the sheet.Otherwise, if the nori sheets will be broken, cook beautiful rolls will not work.It is also necessary to choose a filler for rolls.Tr

aditionally filling for rolls made of fresh ocean fish, but for cooking at home is recommended to take salted salmon or trout.Still need fresh cucumber or avocado, it all depends on taste preferences and cheese Filodelfiya.By the way, a cheaper substitute Filodelfiya cheese - cheese in "trays» Viola and Hochland's type, taste the quality of the rolls do not change.If possible, it is recommended to buy more rice vinegar, it will facilitate the preparation of rolls.Having prepared all the necessary ingredients for the rolls, you can return to the question of how to make rolls home.

# 3

first step is to pour a special sushi rice in a colander and rinse under cold water until the water is not clear.You can then proceed to the cooking of cereals.The cooking time of rice and the amount of water needed for cooking will depend on the manufacturer.Therefore, before cooking should carefully read the instructions on the label.After the rice is ready, it should shift into a bowl and flavor with a little rice vinegar, it will give the rump pleasant taste and aroma.Now the figure should be left to cool down, because in the future, in the preparation of it will have to take his hands.And until the rice is cooled to do stuffing.Cucumbers must be cleaned and cut into long strips are not particularly large.The fish must be to clean, free of excess bone and also cut long strips.Cheese goes directly before cooking.For more convenient work with the rice, it is recommended in a separate bowl pour a little rice vinegar and dip to the fingers, so that the grains do not stick to your hands.

# 4

When the rice has cooled down, you are ready to roll forming.On a bamboo mat, pre-purchased in any department, where there is everything for sushi, put a sheet of nori, smooth side down.Do not be afraid that the nori is very dry, when in contact with the rice they become very flexible and elastic.In the middle of the sheet laid out rice and gradually spread your fingers across the surface of the sheet.nori edge, leave about 1 centimeter free, it would better secure the rolls.Further, in Fig laid cucumber, fish, and cheese curls his fingers long "sausage" and also placed in Fig.The sequence of calculations it does not matter, anyway turn out delicious.Now you can lubricate the free edge of the nori little vinegar to better stuck together, and begin to fold roll, using this mat.When forming the need to exert a little effort to get a tight roll.When twisted, you can wrap the resulting roll in plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator.Next, you need to complete these instructions leftover rice.Of the 250 gram packs of rice turns 4-6 "sausages", the amount will depend on how much rice will be put on one sheet of nori.All rolls are ready.Before serving, remove the foil and cut into a long roll into 6 small pieces.With rolls perfectly combined soy sauce, and for fans of sharp little also suitable wasabi - Japanese horseradish.That's how easy and simple it is to cook Japanese dishes.Now the question is how to make their own rolls should not occur.