How to treat cervical osteochondrosis by a gym ?

How to treat cervical osteochondrosis by a gym ?
You will need:
  • Chair
  • gymnastic mat
# 1

osteochondrosis of the cervical spine - a disease that is treated like using vitamins and medications, and with the use of the gym andmassage.These procedures are designed to reduce the symptoms, relieve pain and headaches that can accompany the disease.Among the most effective methods of combating osteochondrosis can distinguish those who favor a relaxation of the neck, shoulders and arms.Today, it developed a medical complex, which helps at various stages of the disease - osteochondrosis in acute or chronic form.

# 2

Special exercises will help to solve a problem - how to treat cervical osteochondrosis, being in any convenient place, starting with trips to transport to the workplace.The fact that all these movements are made in a static position, without requiring displacement.All gym complex in chronic disease is carried out for 5 minutes every 2 hours.Firstly, you need to press his hand on the right cheek, feeling the resistance.Then you ne

ed to move to the forehead, where the hands are superimposed, woven into the castle (you need to feel the resistance of the neck muscles).After that exercise is performed in the same manner in the occipital region.Further, under the chin, put his fists, set one on the other.Head movement is down, it causes muscle tension anterior part of the neck.

# 3

Another method to get rid of degenerative disc disease, and more specifically from headaches, which are its manifestation, is a massage with your fingertips in the temporal region.If the disease has moved into a chronic form, the main aim of gymnastics is to ensure a sufficient muscular neck brace for the proper maintenance and functioning of this body.We must remember the precautions when performing exercises for the cervical spine, because these vertebrae sobenno fragile and can be damaged even when making sharp rotational head movements.

# 4

The main feature of this type of gymnastics is that it includes dynamic exercises, and their implementation need to pay attention to how sore low back pain, to reduce load time.In the beginning you need to develop the muscles of the neck, making his head tilts to the shoulders - one session at least 10 times.The second exercise is lowering the chin in the direction of the chest (repeat 6 times).Developing the flexibility of the spine, over time you can get to the clavicular depression chin without any problems.The next move should help to stretch the muscles back of the neck.In its implementation need to throw your head back (repeated 10 times).If the work is connected to the computer, then these exercises are indispensable.After the preparatory work can start exercise by pressing his forehead on his hand.During execution it is necessary to create significant resistance.

# 5

Selection of options of how to treat low back pain, it is necessary to carry out together with the doctor.To achieve optimum results should practice exercises for the cervical spine.The following exercise should be done while standing, arms down along the body.Shoulders need to raise as much as possible, at the top to fix for 10 seconds (10 reps).Next you need to go to the gym mat.In the supine position is necessary to conduct a series of lifts of head (5-8 times) with detent at the top for 10 seconds.It helps with osteochondrosis and massage occipital region (at the base of the skull), which should last at least 4 minutes.Although it is painful, but it goes away with a headache and dizziness.Victory over the osteochondrosis is possible in the case of execution of orders of specialists: a surgeon, neurologist, internist and an effective gym.