How to treat purulent plug in the throat , how to remove tonsils with pus

How to treat purulent plug in the throat , how to remove tonsils with pus
You will need:
  • rinse
  • prevention
# 1

If a person is often sick, colds, has a constant runny nose, then it can be formed purulent plug in the throat.How to treat a byaku not know everything.Yet it is called - tonsillitis.The disease comes from inflammation of the tonsils caused by the ingestion of pathogenic agents.It can be a streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, adenovirus, diphtheria.About arisen disease as evidenced by a terrible smell from the mouth.Purulent tube in the throat and can be seen with the naked eye.One has only to put pressure on the tonsils, and it pops up.Treatment of purulent plugs.Rinsing.

# 2

First of all - it's washing the tonsils, that is gargling.For example, beetroot juice, it exhibits bacterial effect.It is necessary to purify raw beets, grate and squeeze 1 tbsp.spoon the juice through cheesecloth.Pour a glass of water, pour it in beet juice, a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey.This solution gargle.Another good thing to rinse decoction of chamomile

, soda and brine.Prepare the brine as follows: a glass of warm water to take one to two teaspoons of salt and dissolve in a glass.Rinsing should last a few minutes to destroy bacteria salt.Very useful action will hot tea with lemon.Tea can brew any: green, black, chamomile, mint.

# 3

Prevention.In order to prevent further formation of pus in the tonsils congestion, you need to follow some rules.Do not warm the neck with hot compresses.Trying to comply with bed rest.Drink as much liquid to the amygdala were washed.Regularly gargle to prevent further inflammation of the pharynx.To be treated with antibacterial components.But if the disease is defeated, then immediately heal festering corks.Good help furatsilina powder solution, it has an antibacterial effect and perfectly cleanse gaps of pus.

# 4

To do so it needs to be: In 500 ml of warm water to dissolve the powder until it becomes yellow.Perform lavage of tonsils several times during a single procedure.Such rinse applied 5 times per day.Also great help propolis.If it does not have allergic reactions, it is necessary to acquire the pharmacy aerosol containing propolis.They spray the diseased tonsils 3 times a day.If a person begins to suspect the appearance of purulent plugs, you should immediately perform the treatment to the disease did not develop into chronic tonsillitis.Do wash tonsil infection and then back down.