How to choose the fish at the store ?

How to choose the fish at the store ?
You will need:
  • Caution
  • Care
  • minimum knowledge about the dangers of GMOs
# 1

Of course, it is better just to buy fresh, live fish.If the fish are not alive, it is worth paying attention to her eyes.If they are clear, slightly convex and transparent, it is fresh fish if cloudy or sunken, dried, then you can not take a fish.

# 2

Buying fresh or chilled fish, it is necessary to pay attention to her belly: swollen, firm abdomen - a sign of the presence of tapeworm!How does it look in the fish tapeworm?By pressing down firmly on the belly tapeworm (tapeworm) can he come out.Otherwise, you can rip her belly at home.Solitaire looks like neatly coiled tightly compressed, thin white strip of up to 3 meters.If so, it is necessary to take the fish with tapeworm, check and back to the store.

# 3

salmon, trout except rainbow, pangasius, tilapia is not recommended to buy an adult, and even more so given to children in any form: the fish, all cultivated and packed full of phosphates, growth

hormones, biostimulators, which is clearly notwill benefit health.The same goes for fillets: unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers treated it too phosphates and agents that remove stale smell.And so it is very important to know how to choose fish, so as not to harm their health.

# 4

There are several ways that allow you to answer the question: how to determine the freshness of the fish?First, after pressing the carcass should return to its original shape.Secondly, from the gills of fresh fish must be red, and the representatives of the salmon family - brown.Third, the carcass should not be dull, except for herring, but also does not sparkle of light on the counter - then the fish treated with polyphosphates.Fourth, if the fish without a head - a high probability that it is spoiled, because, as you know, the fish rots from the head!Fifth, fresh marine fish should not smell of rot is not only, but also have some other smell but the smell of the sea.

# 5

What else should pay attention to know how to choose the right fish?The shops sometimes to give her presentation added...formaldehyde.This is the strongest poison!Its use mainly in brine and herring.In addition, bone and skin from the fresh fish are separated with difficulty.

# 6

Also tapeworm in fish, especially freshwater, there may be other parasites.How are worms in the fish?They usually white, thin, constricted in the ring or in the extended line.Identify them is very difficult, but a sure way not to buy them - is to take only fresh-frozen fish.Since they are at low temperatures, and the worms die.As you can see, the rules are quite simple.If they are to comply with at least the most part, you can always treat yourself to delicious, and most importantly, fresh fish and harmless!