As a self- restore enamel ?

As a self- restore enamel ?
You will need:
  • Hygiene Compliance
  • exclude certain foods from the diet
  • fluorine-containing paste
  • Medical consultation
# 1

Beautiful teeth betray the confidence of a man it with ease can be widelysmile and talk.And in order to have a beautiful smile, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the teeth.Each half of the year should see a dentist and observe good personal hygiene.The first wake-up call that the teeth are not everything is in order, will be the appearance of pain while taking cold or hot food.This indicates that the tooth enamel to break down and start -soft dentin of the tooth - thus responds to external stimuli.This reaction can be obtained from the juice of fruits, or even because of the air entering the oral cavity.Dentists say that the enamel can be restored, but only when close to do it initially.

# 2

Brushing your teeth better pastes containing fluoride.The procedure should take about five minutes - during this time fluoride can penetrate the enamel

and dentin to reach.Charging for the gum will be no less effective.Thoroughly wash your hands and should make a circular motion with your fingers on the gums, thereby improving blood flow and the power will be supplied to the tooth.It is possible to make movements back / forward.How to restore the enamel of the teeth at home?Every evening, rinse should be done.Prepare a solution of common salt or sea, during a procedure it is necessary to delay the solution in the mouth for a few minutes.Salt has beneficial effects on the enamel and is able to remove small cracks.

# 3

in your diet you need to add more foods rich in calcium.His draw of dairy products and products of plant origin.Calcium strengthens teeth.For example, should eat more beans, peas, lentils.But calcium from fermented milk products assimilated in the body is only 40%.Should neglect sodas and coffee.They affect enamel color and can have a devastating effect on the tooth.Less there are sausages and, of course, sweets, which can cause tooth decay.But it is better not to engage in independent action.Who is like any doctor will recommend a course on restoration of the enamel and the overall strengthening of the teeth?!Especially in pharmacy offer a lot of products, but is safe to say that some of them will help, it is impossible.We need an individual approach, and only a doctor can assess the condition of the teeth and enamel at the moment.

# 4

Of course, as would be careful not to treat the teeth, the enamel wears over the years, and this leads to the development of caries.In fact, the enamel shell undertray with impeccable dentin from external threats.The thickness of enamel varies depending on a place on the tooth.It is formed already at the child in the womb.During this period as a time and is defined as the teeth will look at the kid.Disease, malnutrition, alcohol-all this is reflected in the child.There is a special varnish, fluoride, they cover the surface of the tooth and thereby nourish.Make special caps, impregnated with fluorine.After wearing them restored enamel.It is not a novelty innovative method by which occurs enamel restoration.The method is to transplant foreign enamel on the tooth of the patient.