How to choose the right fish on the market ?

How to choose the right fish on the market ?
You will need:
  • fish
  • light table
# 1

fish consumption, provided it is the right choice, only brings benefits to the human body.Fish is rich in protein and is a supplier of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.Figuring out how to choose fish, and only buy fresh and safe is very important, because the use of low-quality product able to cause irreparable harm to health.

# 2

How to choose the fish on the market right?First of all, we should pay attention to the cooled cleaned fish.It is preferable to buy just because the carcass and, especially, fillets sold in the market are usually significantly lower than in whole fish freshness.Savvy sellers often try to hide so signs long-term storage of goods: change the color of the gills, eyes, skin, the smell from the inside.As a result of many sociological studies buyer is much more likely to buy the fish intact because of the lower price and the possibility of further weld ear, and the seller in the market does not make sense without a

direct request of the buyer to spend extra effort on butchering.That is why to cut semi-finished products to market production should be treated with great caution.

# 3

How to determine the freshness of the fish?In fresh gills of fish are bright red color, darkening them and the presence of mucus odorless indicate that the fish is chilled for several days.From fish gills having brown color with a pungent sour or putrid odor should be immediately.There are also a number of other features, which can accurately determine the freshness.In fresh fish shell eyes bright, clear, and as storage, it becomes cloudy, dim, and at almost spoiled fish altogether fails.Skin fresh fish a bright, shiny, allowed her only a small amount of clear mucus and odorless.As the damage to fish skin fades, it increases the amount of mucus, and it becomes a muddy color and odor.On the quality of fish fillets can be judged only by a dense consistency.

# 4

Some fish may be infected with worms or how else to put it simply, worms.How are worms in the fish?Most helminths are circular or elongated shape.They are easy to see in the thickness of the fish meat fillets when viewed on a special table with light.Some worms, just looks like a tapeworm in the fish, take the form of long filaments spiral, bright enough and visible to the naked eye.For the content of parasites is required to monitor the veterinary service and the manufacturer, timely handing over the fish in the tests and to establish its own control.