How to determine the freshness of fish by the color of the gills ?

How to determine the freshness of fish by the color of the gills ?
You will need:
  • fish
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • light table
# 1

dishes prepared from fresh or frozen fish are not only tasty, but also veryuseful.This product is rich in protein, minerals and essential fatty acids.Going to the market or to the supermarket for fish, you need to know how to choose the fish, then the purchased goods will certainly not disappointed.First of all it must be remembered that it is preferable to choose fish is chilled, frozen since it is much inferior in taste.Also, determine how much frozen fish quality is sometimes very difficult.

# 2

In chilled fish can be stored for about 10 days, if all the storage conditions are met in this case.But it is important to understand that this is less than the product, the better.The date of catch of fish can not be determined, therefore, to assess its condition in the process of buying their own account.How to determine the freshness of the fish?You must be guided primarily on the color of the gills, eyes, the color and condit

ion of skin, texture and smell.

# 3

How to choose the color of the fish by the gills?Fresh fish gills are bright red color.As the storage they darken, but still retain a deep red hue, in which there is a small amount of mucus and odorless.Fish with these characteristics can still be considered fresh.If the gills are already darkened and acquired a brown shade, and in them, a large amount of mucus with an unpleasant odor, it is necessary to abandon such a fish.Fresh fish eyes clear, transparent, shiny.As storage is permitted slight corneal opacity, but by fish bleary eyes sunken, while having a yellowish tint, it is better to refuse.

# 4

When choosing fish should pay attention also to the smell, texture and condition of the skin.The skin of fresh fish a bright, shiny, and at lezhaloy- dull, covered with a layer of mucus foul smelling.But on the skin, however, it is not necessary to be guided, as savvy sellers easily eliminate these changes.Keep in mind that certain types of fish that live in the so-called hostile environment, may be infected with parasites.To determine the presence of parasites in the whole fish is impossible, for this it is necessary to cut into fillets without skin and look at the special glass table with light.At home, you can simply view the fillet to the light by the window.

# 5

To visually determine the extent of contamination of fish you need to at least know how to look like worms in the fish looks like a tapeworm in the fish and look like other parasites.Few people can boast of such knowledge, therefore, to assess the safety of parasitic fish are best left to professionals and to buy goods only bona fide manufacturers have proven sellers.