How to choose beef liver : the main secrets

How to choose beef liver : the main secrets
You will need:
  • liver
  • Care
  • Knowledge
# 1

beef liver, fortified with vitamins A and C, amino acids makes this product indispensable in baby food.In addition, the liver is shown and in the prevention of anemia.However, that product really benefited, you must first make sure it is fresh and unspoiled.So before you choose beef liver, a vital need to know some of its properties.From low-quality product and the food is of poor quality.

# 2

At that, buying the liver, it is necessary to pay attention in the first place?Buy better chilled semifinished than frozen.The fact that the latter loses many of its beneficial properties.Taste and value of the finished dishes, of course, from this better not become.Therefore, we must carefully examine the byproduct before cook.Fresh cod liver oil, as mentioned above, is difficult to buy.But beef is almost always there in the store.It is necessary to examine its surface carefully.The piece must be brilliant and smooth surface.

# 3

Matte color indicates that the liver had lain for some time.The color depends on the age.At veal liver saturated red color, also has beef cherry hue.The paint should be the same throughout.The color change on the same piece warns of low-quality product.Many housewives before cook the liver in a pan, it is removed from the vein.But this can be avoided if you know what's in front of the smaller ducts.Therefore, in the store or on the market, you can select the desired piece.

# 4

As for flavor, it should be slightly sweet.Sour smell, turns the smelling salts, suggests that the liver is stale.In general, buy the product better, of course, on the market.Since the store is very often the liver is packaged, sold in plastic packaging.Consider it, much less smell, quite problematic.So, so you do not break your head, how to make burgers from the liver is not the first freshness, it is better to protect yourself and choose the liver excellent quality.

# 5

You can check out the product by pushing it with your finger.If a trace is left - can be taken.You also need to pay attention to the cut.A good product should not be rough on the cut.Sometimes unscrupulous sellers, eager to correct any flaw and add weight to the product, soaked liver.Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that she was not watery.Only by choosing a quality product and knowing how to cook beef or pork liver, you can get delicious, tasty, healthy dish.

# 6

Do not give up valuable byproduct - the liver.But by choosing it on the market or in a shop should be taken very seriously.Knowing what you should pay attention, you can easily buy a quality product.