How to cook buckwheat : recipes for every occasion

How to cook buckwheat : recipes for every occasion
You will need:
  • Buckwheat
  • Sol
  • Water
  • Milk
# 1

Buckwheat porridge is very useful, not for nothing that it is included in the diet menu and shows for children and the sick.But buckwheat is not only useful for the human body, it is also incredibly tasty.However, how to cook a variety of original dishes from the usual buckwheat know not all housewives.But their choice are the envy of the most fashionable restaurants.Before you cook the buckwheat, it should go through.Occasionally in the rump across dry corn husk and so on. D. All of this must be removed, and then rinse thoroughly with croup.After which it is ready for use.Now it is possible to boil water or milk.There are several recipes, knowing that you can always quickly make a particular dish.whether it is intended for children at breakfast or male company as a side dish to meat.The most common recipe - buckwheat porridge with butter.

# 2

In a pan pour 2 cups water and bring to a boil.Then add salt and pour a glass moved and washe

d buckwheat.When the water boils, reduce the gas to a minimum and simmer on low heat.At the end of cooking, put a piece of butter.This porridge is good for breakfast.It can be served with sour cream and a glass of milk.Milk way, you can pour in the prepared porridge.Density determine at will.The thick porridge want, the less water is initially poured, replacing it with milk.In recent years, it became fashionable recipe for "uncooked" porridge.Groats in water brought to a boil, remove from oven, muffle tight (this may be an old baby blanket or towel), and leave the "sweat" for half an hour.It turns out crumbly and Duhmjanyj porridge - the ears do not delay!In the old days it was well prepared buckwheat.She languished in the oven on the coals.

# 3

not cooked, and it reached its ideal state.Becomes crumbly, feather, air.It was served and guests, and eating at home for dinner.Porridge adored, so it came up with more than 300 recipes.Many old recipes have survived, some have lost some modified.There are new ways of cooking.For example, some people manage to replace Russian oven ordinary thermos.They fall asleep in his wet grits, pour boiling water in a ratio of 1 to 2. Close the flask and allowed to stand overnight.Whatever it was, the main method remains the same for many centuries.The main rule of buckwheat - keep fluid balance and cereals.If you want to refine the basic recipe, the ready-made porridge, you can add boiled, cut into small pieces, the egg or onion gravy.

# 4

To do this, heat the vegetable oil.Put in a pan half-rings of onion.You can add shredded carrots.Simmer until tender.If desired, enter a half tablespoons of tomato paste and pour the juice of fresh tomatoes.Continue to keep the fire until all the moisture has evaporated.This gravy to pour into the porridge and mix well.This dish may be filed as a garnish to cutlets or chicken.Before you cook the buckwheat on this recipe, you can fry grits on a dry frying pan without oil.Then we get porridge tastier.Fry should be on medium heat, stirring with a spatula.Bring buckwheat to the point where it begins to crack and show white midway.Male version - porridge with bacon.Fat slice, fry, add the onion, hold until golden brown and put in cracklings finished porridge.

# 5

for gatherings with friends is recommended to prepare tasty and healthy (the figure does not hurt) porridge with dried fruits and nuts.Prunes soak, remove the seeds and cut into pieces, chop the nuts.A glass of buckwheat fry immediately mix with prunes and nuts, salt, stir, pour two cups of boiling water and simmer on low heat for half an hour.Also serves purely feminine - with cream.With turkey fillet, steamed, or baked salmon is such a mess at the time.For a children's table suitable casserole of buckwheat porridge with cheese.Any cheese grate, cook porridge on the water in the main recipe.Saucepan grease with butter.Then shift the layers porridge and cheese.You can add chopped dried apricots or prunes.Sprinkle with cheese and pour oil.

# 6

Sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake in the oven.Instead of cheese you can take the cheese and add one raw egg and 2 tablespoons sugar.Then we get a sweet pudding of buckwheat.A bit of cinnamon and lemon zest give the dish festivity.For a special occasion, such as a dinner party, you can prepare an unusual side dish to meat.Buckwheat fry and put to boil in the first recipe.Meanwhile, fry the mushrooms in the end, add the pine nuts to them.Then mix with the finished porridge and then another 5 minutes along to ingredients "agreed" with each other.And it is really exclusive dish out, if we use the following recipe.In a saucepan with a thick bottom pour oil, put the chopped onion half rings and chili.Slightly put out, then pour buckwheat.

# 7

fry until the characteristic smell of fried grits.Add canned tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes, broth, a pinch of sugar.Season with salt.Put in a few sprigs of mint porridge.When a boil, reduce heat, cover tightly with a lid and simmer for 10 minutes.Then, remove the mint, crumble the cheese into the finished porridge, add a little olive mix.Put the whole mess on a platter and sprinkle with fresh mint.Recipes with buckwheat are good that a ready-made porridge, you can add different ingredients and as a result get different dishes.It may be cheese, liver, chicken, soybeans, beans.You can bake the pudding in the oven with the kidneys, but you can just pour the sour cream home.Someone loves her with the liver, and someone liking buckwheat with tomatoes.In any case, from buckwheat porridge will be a maximum of pleasure.