How to cook porridge without lumps

How to cook porridge without lumps

But the fact that cereal-rump strife.If she made recently, is ground from durum wheat, stored in a dark, dry place, and for a short time, the chance to cook from it "right" porridge is high enough.In contrast, the stale goods in store, removed on a shelf in the cupboard close to the plate, on which are constantly rising steam, plus promiscuity mistresses - and a delicious breakfast has to be forgotten.

So check the rump before preparing meals.High humidity makes his case: semolina stuck together in some places;even without getting into the pan, it's going somewhere lumps.Do not be lazy, grains turn over, we see that the composition of cereals has not changed, pouring from tray to tray several times, at the same time the product will be enriched with oxygen.

Step Two: The milk should not be too bold

course, milk with a high percentage of milk fat is much more valuable to the body and is certainly delicious.But semolina during cooking does not like a high percentage of fat and readily forms clu

mps in a saturated solution.It's okay to add a little more oil later, and is diluted with a three-percent milk for about a quarter of water.Thus, a glass of milk from a liter bottle and pour the water replaced.

Prepare a separate cup or piala dry mix 4 tablespoons semolina mixed with 1 spoon of sugar (who like sweeter, a little more sugar can be taken).We sweeten and milk when we pour it in the pan: less danger that it will burn.

maximum attention: we go to sleep rump

cookware coated with Teflon or enamel, but in any case not aluminum pan (this metal is harmful to health) put on a plate, previously doused with cold water from the inside.Pour to diluted milk, add a little sugar and salt.We put on a small fire, and anywhere from the kitchen no longer go out, even if the phone rings.

moment when the milk starts to boil (ie covered by the fast-growing on the surface of the bubbles), we meet head-on: the left hand holding a long wooden or Teflon spatula, to the right - a tablespoon, which stirred the rump.Vigorous movement, not waiting for the milk run over the edge, beginning to stir a large spatula liquid in the pan clockwise.At the same time with your right hand on the left - right over the surface scatter cereals about such movements as the farmer scatters seed in the furrow: a wave of one and grains fall independently from each other.This is not difficult, but it may need to be trained on the eve of an empty pan.In no case do not lose tablespoon milk: cereal slipnetsya and turn into one big lump.

So, we do call 4 4 tablespoon of movement.All covered with cereal, is the culmination of our master class.Now we shift the blade in his right hand, reduce the heat to minimum and stir the contents in both directions for five minutes.

Decorate and entertained

There are fans leave porridge in a pot on the stove to stand up (especially if the electric stove), and even wrap a towel.After these manipulations, it will thicken even more.We are prepared to the best of thin gruel to eat it immediately.

Add a tablespoon of butter, mix well and pour ladle bowls.In the center of each plate of steaming porridge put cherry jam - a crown for semolina supplement of its kind among the king's vassals.

there an alternative?There is!

Many people confuse the process of laying the cereals, or they just do not present themselves as jugglers, implements two spoons, and even in opposite directions.To make matters worse, many fleeing in panic are afraid of milk.

So timid povaryata can advise in advance to stir cereal in cold milk (four tablespoons per cup) and pour a thin stream of contents in the liquid begins to boil.It should at the same time to stir the contents of a wooden spatula until the very end of cooking.

So, nothing complicated, extraordinary, but the skill required.

Cook porridge without lumps with 100 percent result is not difficult, but it requires some skill and ability to pick up all the ingredients correctly.