How delicious to cook rice for garnish ?

How delicious to cook rice for garnish ?
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# 1

Many housewives know how to cook rice, but not many people know how to cook delicious rice for garnish.There are so many ways to cook delicious rice garnish, and some, the best recipes will be presented here.First, he and simple enough - it's just boil rice boiled in water with salt.And then - a trick!The salts can be added a little more, then the taste of rice will be expressed brighter.And if suddenly, for whatever reasons, the meat is canceled, the garnish, cooked with salt, can be submitted without the main part of the dinner / lunch.By the way, so you can cook pasta, and then they, too, will turn out delicious.Next: the rice in salted water needed to cook, stirring occasionally, about 10 minutes Then drain the rice in a colander and rinse under cold water from the tap.This is to ensure that the rice is on the plate slips and does not look like a sticky mess in one lump.All delicious and ready to garnish ready!And now for those who love Mexican food,

well, or just go for the gusto, to the severity of the boiling water, you can add spices instead of salt, and cook rice very well.By the way, if the meat to the rice little salt, in combination with the sharp side dish taste it will be magnificent!

# 2

Here's another recipe how to cook delicious rice.It is suitable for all lovers of healthy lifestyle, particularly healthy eating.Also people who are on a diet, because this recipe rice and rice, prepared according to recipes nutritionists equivalent amount of calories.So, we all know that chicken soup is very useful and is recommended for diseases of the stomach.Therefore, rice is in the broth.Boil the broth should be about half an hour, and then cool it a little.Then again wait for the boiling broth, and only then to put the right amount of rice.Boil well as on water, only then can drain the broth in a saucepan and cook the soup later.Figure get a little yellowish, but the taste is wonderful.After washing in cold water, delicious rice side dish is ready!Yellowish shade will look more advantageous with meat or fish.By the way, if the meat is cut into pieces and mix it with yellow rice, you get a good risotto.Only for its preparation you need to wait until it will insist that there is meat, "merge" with rice together.But just meat with rice, without stirring, it will be very tasty.Satisfy even the most refined palates.

# 3

As can be seen, cook a side dish of rice is not very difficult.In this section you need to explain how to issue a garnish.Some admirers of etiquette offer only add a few sprigs of parsley, in order not to pile composition.But do not strongly adhere to this rule: a pair of beautifully sliced ​​tomatoes and cucumbers will be a great addition, as a garnish, and the entire dish.So do not be afraid, in a dish, you can add slices of avocado, because this exotic miracle has long been Russia decorates tables.Another side dish, as was mentioned above, can be served without meat, as well as a separate full-fledged meal.And in this case, the center can put parsley with pieces of cherry tomato, or, for example, to add Kalina, but do not eat it.That's all you need to know the hosts, which often bother about the garnish: select it, and cooking quality.A complete study of the articles of such problems should not be longer!