Recipe hominy in Georgian

Recipe hominy in Georgian
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# 1

Hominy - traditional Georgian dish.How to cook hominy know many people, for example Romanians or Moldovans.Name hominy happened just because of their language.But in Georgia, called Gomi hominy.In fact, hominy - a very thick maize porridge, cooked corn grits or flour.Like, nothing complicated, require water, barley and salt, but not so simple as it seems at first glance.Preparation is the whole mystery of hominy, with its own rules and traditions in cooking and serving.Hominy is so thick that it can be cut with a knife.Hominy usually used instead of bread, so combined with virtually all products.It is eaten with cheese, meat, cheese, vegetables, to which only the imagination will suffice.And on the table next to polenta sure to put the sour cream, cheese battered and various sauces.Of even make hominy corn tortillas, for this it is cut into pieces and fried in oil.Ways to use a great variety of hominy.

# 2

How to cook hominy in Georgian villages and the villages know not by hearsay.It is a real art!The cast-iron pot with a convex bottom is poured into water and allowed to boil, add salt, add a tablespoon of lard and pour a thin stream of corn grits or flour.Cover the lid and allow the rump swell.Now the fun begins, you have to be stirred hominy.In the middle of the pot insert a wooden rolling pin and prevent a clockwise circle.This process is just as hominy make smooth and uniform.It is mixed and kneaded simultaneously.By the time this action lasts 30 - 40 minutes, can only solve the hostess herself.After kneading hominy should be given concentrated and reach.Mistresses usually do everything by eye and their knowledge fails.By the way, water and cereal also take the eye.When hominy takes a certain shape, it does not spread and does not fall apart, it is inverted on a wooden board and cover with a clean towel.Hominy is to lie down a bit.As they say - relax.

# 3

Many Georgian men can learn how to cook hominy for fishing.Since hominy has a bright color and distinctive smell, it also used in fishing.Each fisherman can tell your interesting hominy recipe for catching fish.Of course, cooking porridge takes time and patience, it is easier to buy ready-made bait, but experienced anglers like to cook porridge with his own hands.Hominy fishing should get not only a beautiful and smell, but also great to sit on the hook.That is, it should be dense and not fall apart.Any experienced fisherman should know how to cook hominy.What did not come up amateur fishermen, to hominy has more adhesive.Some add gelatin or cotton.But more often than before cooking is mixed in equal proportions cornmeal and grits and fried until golden brown.Flour gluten adds porridge and makes it thick and crumbly.Also added to the fishermen hominy honey, jam or raspberry concentrate.Which only tricks are not experienced anglers to lure a big fish.

# 4

To cook delicious hominy, necessarily have to adhere to certain rules.Utensils, usually serves as a cast-iron pot with thick walls and a convex bottom, you can certainly cook hominy and in the pan, as do many housewives in the home, but I assure you it will not be something.Corn flour for porridge is better to take small meals, be sure to knead a wooden spatula or a rolling pin.I do not truthfully can say that the most delicious hominy obtained from rural housewives, she did not go to any comparison with the restaurant preparations.I personally know several ways to cook hominy, but still far from ideal to me.In Georgia, hominy considered a cult dish.Each family has its own zest to prepare hominy, but more importantly, to prepare this dish with love and then everything will turn out.