Abchasischen hominy : Rezept

Abkhaz hominy : recipe
You will need:
  • corn meal or corn grits
  • water
  • salt
  • butter
  • suluguni
# 1

Hominy - one of the most popular dishes in the Caucasus,and now thanks to the low caloric content and the presence of many useful trace elements it confidently enters and European cuisine.And while something like there is in Italian cuisine, but the polenta (so called hominy in Italy) has a slightly different taste, which is considered less intense compared to the Caucasian cuisine.To learn how to cook hominy, you can write treatises, because despite the limited list of ingredients, the taste of food is never the same: the whole thing in proportion.

# 2

And yet how to make hominy so that it was most similar to the Abkhaz?It is necessary to boil the water in a shallow pan, add salt is not necessary.Then, stirring constantly, pour a thin stream of cornmeal.In the Caucasus, it is cooked hominy flour, but in the absence of such grains can do - although the taste, of course, would be a bit wrong.Cook over medium

heat for about five minutes, stirring constantly.That's all there is!And by the way, if you're interested to know how to cook hominy for fishing, the recipe above is the correct answer.

# 3

But if the polenta is served to the table, you should fill it with butter and slices of thinly sliced ​​suluguni.It is worth noting that this fresh water dish, as well cook hominy need without adding salt.Generally, hominy Therefore Abkhaz - is something like the usual bread for the people of the middle band, but those for whom the taste of food without salt is not acceptable, may dosolit hominy directly to the plate.Hominy Traditionally eaten with various sauces, which in the Caucasus, hundreds of varieties and each of them has a unique, unique taste.This may be a sour tkemali, and with a slight bitterness satsibeli nut, well often hominy served with all the familiar adzhika.However, unaccustomed taste Caucasian adzhika some may "fire", that is why we should not put the salt - it enhances the flavors.

# 4

Hominy - a decent meal every day, so how to cook hominy - matter of five minutes, which is especially important for the breakfast, when every second counts.And the benefits of polenta will be much greater than that of breakfast cereal or banal sandwiches.It should be noted that no matter how much time preparing polenta - it will never be the same.It's not even an abundance of sauces, the water ratios and the amount of oil.The taste of this dish clearly shows the mood of the person who prepared it.It is not necessary to take up cooking hominy after an argument, or being in a bad mood - it's just wasting your time and spoil the products.If you do not exfoliate after cooking, the leaves are too rare, or, conversely, overly steep