How to cook porridge for athletes ?

How to cook porridge for athletes ?
You will need:
  • grain oats or crushed oats
  • water
  • cinnamon
  • egg white
  • walnuts
# 1

probably do not need to convince anyone in the use of cerealsespecially oat.But if an ordinary average person can eat it for breakfast or refuse, arguing that his dislike, then the choice is obvious for the athlete.For oatmeal contains the "long-playing" carbohydrates and has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system.

# 2

It seems difficult in the preparation of porridge: filled with water, add salt, sugar, and after 10 minutes of cooking breakfast is ready.However, how to cook oatmeal depends mean by that product name.Oatmeal - a whole grain oats.Do not confuse it with flakes "Hercules", in the preparation of which, "lion's share" of use disappeared.To get the maximum fraction of the energy, strengthen the joints, heart, hair, and nails, you need to cook porridge.It is rich in vitamins (B, E), calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and inositol (cholesterol controlling agent).

# 3

course, no easy method, like steamed oatmeal flakes, without spending a lot of time on the Cooking whole grains.Although oatmeal is sold and into crushed form, which is not less than helpful and cooks faster.Unwittingly, many doubts arise as a plate of porridge can get enough of the male athlete who has impressive dimensions.Do not worry about this, 100 gr.cereals are 350 calories, which is enough for the feeling of satiety for 3.5 hours.

# 4

difference in how to cook porridge for weight loss or to produce enough energy for intensive training, is essential.When losing weight, do not add milk, salt and sugar.It should be recalled that this is a proper porridge, rather than semi-finished product "just add water".Quickly cooked option will not satiety for 3 hours."Shock" oatmeal for an athlete is a mixture of oatmeal with protein and egg whites.It is recommended to add fruits, cinnamon, walnuts.Cinnamon relieves muscle pain and has a tonic effect.

# 5

That way, the child how to cook porridge with milk, should not be.Adults are better to eat porridge on the water, flavored with fruit, nuts, honey, if not the purpose of weight loss.Vitamins and minerals, which occur in oatmeal impact on the quality of the skin, its elasticity, will help get rid of depression, if at least 2-3 times a week to start to eat porridge recognized dish aristocratic Englishmen.

# 6

Modern technology will help alleviate the already rapid process of cooking breakfast mill.Specify how to cook oatmeal in multivarka, and using the timer function, you can wake up to the smell of fresh hot oatmeal.It is clear that Hercules popularity surpassed natural and useful in all respects, the grain porridge, but it is different.Under the Arabic numeral 2 and 3 hides fine oat fiber, for children.You should buy number 1 having denser and coarser structure.By the way, natural porridge English lords, too, has nothing to do with the oatmeal gruel, a natural grain cereal without milk, salt and sugar.