How to cook barley without soaking ?

How to cook barley without soaking ?
You will need:
  • Pearl barley
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Sol
# 1

Healthy eating is gaining its popularity.There are adherents of vegetarianism, raw food diet, fruitarianism and other areas.It turned out that the cook can not only delicious, but also useful.A great amount of vitamins and minerals have cereals, especially barley.It can be very tasty if cooked correctly.There is a simple way how to cook barley without soaking.It should be rinsed 1 cup of cereal and pour boiling water, leaving the mess for an hour.After that you should drain and pour cereal 3 cups of cold water, bring to a boil and keep on low heat for another hour, then leave it to stand for 30 minutes.Useful porridge is ready.

# 2

If the farm has a pressure cooker, do not be amiss about how to cook barley in it.Despite the fact that this process is a pressure cooker, and durable.Barley pre-soaked overnight and then immersed in a pressure cooker filled with water and boil.Cook porridge must be within an hour.

# 3

Barley - the product is absolutely useful and it can be combined with other foods, such as vegetables.This may be pepper, mushrooms or tomatoes.Recipe how to cook barley with mushrooms is very simple.The process of cooking barley porridge remains unchanged, it should be soaked overnight, wash, pour boiling water and cook.Dried mushrooms soak for a few hours and cook.Cool and cut into small slices.Mix mushrooms with barley porridge.

# 4

Needless to say that barley can be a great side dish.Scratching their heads over how to cook chicken with barley is not necessary - it is very easy.Barley porridge cooked, and it set aside to the side.Chicken fillet rinsed under cold water and put into the water for cooking.After 30-40 minutes fillet ready.You can just cut and mixed with porridge, and you can fry in a pan to flavor.

# 5

To porridge turned out crumbly need to know exactly how to cook barley crumbly.For this purpose, the water must be twice higher than in the grains.It swells when cooked porridge, so it should not take so much as we would like to eat.Of course, the preparation of barley takes longer than cooking pasta or potatoes, but, on the other hand, these products do not possess so many useful elements.