How to cook oat porridge with milk ?

How to cook oat porridge with milk ?
You will need:
  • oatmeal "Hercules"
  • milk
  • salt
  • butter
  • sugar
# 1

oat meal is useful and adults, especially in diseases of the gastrointestinal-kishechnogo tract and liver.It removes from the body toxins, improves the complexion.For children, it is tasty, healthy and fast (oatmeal boiled briefly) breakfast, so every mother should know how to cook oat porridge with milk.To do this, bring to a boil two cups of milk, pour a glass of Hercules flakes and bring to a boil again.Reduce heat and cook porridge 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently.Remove pudding from heat, add salt, sugar and butter to taste.This is a basic recipe, involving quite diverse "upgrade".To add a ready-made porridge can be mashed with a fork or chopped banana (in a bowl) or grated apple, you can vary the taste of porridge honey, jam or condensed milk.During cooking, you can add dried fruit: raisins, dried apricots or prunes - together or separately, of course, thoroughly washed.Cooked porridge can also be flavored with ci

nnamon or lemon zest.

# 2

For young children, oatmeal with milk cooked a little differently.It is necessary to boil a half cups of water and fill a glass of oats.When seethe cereal, porridge to wipe through a fine metal sieve to separate stints oat husks and spine.Then pour the hot milk and cook until tender, stirring frequently porridge to not to burn.Add sugar to taste, cream or butter.You can also fill a ready porridge spoon sour cream - it will be a new, unusual taste.It goes well with oat meal and fruit and berry supplements - applesauce or mashed banana, mashed raspberries, strawberries or currants.These supplements will help to ensure that no stale porridge.

# 3

In the morning time pressure conditions can be cooked oatmeal in the microwave, the more rumors about the dangers of microwave ovens are greatly exaggerated: defective unit may not cause any harm to health.In bowl, suitable for use in the microwave oven (suitable bowl or glass saucepan, a plate to take is not recommended, because of her porridge, most likely, "run away") pour 3 tablespoons of oatmeal, pour a glass of milk or the same amount of a mixture of water and milk,cook at maximum power for 2-3 minutes, leave for 5 minutes.Add sugar to taste, salt, butter, and so on. D.

# 4

Cook oatmeal as possible and in a thermos, it's a great alternative to the stove and the microwave, especially the porridge is cooked there is no human intervention, even stirring is required.You just need to fill in a thermos half a cup of oatmeal, add a little salt and sugar and pour the boiling milk or water.After 15-20 minutes, the porridge is ready.If breakfast cereal cooked too much and she stayed for dinner, you can make her pancakes.By the cold porridge add grated apple, a raw egg yolk and a little flour.Mix well, add the beaten egg white and fry in vegetable oil in a frying pan.Serve with sour cream, honey, jam.To accustom children to the morning cereal dish is absolutely necessary.This is a guarantee of good health, as well as the tireless energy and good mood for the whole day.