How to cook porridge with milk : a step by step preparation of dishes , this recipe

How to cook porridge with milk : a step by step preparation of dishes , this recipe
You will need:
  • 200 ml milk
  • 1 tablespoon cold water
  • 2 tablespoons semolina
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • Butter
  • raisins or fruit taste
# 1

There are many different kind of cereals, but preferably starting your morning cereal with milk.One of the most well-known cereals, semolina.However, it is necessary not to everyone's taste: most people do not like lumps, which are obtained when cooking.But if you know how to cook porridge with milk correctly, you get a delicious and hearty breakfast for the whole family.This type of cereal will help to diversify the family diet, but her children should eat no more than once a week: semolina, wheat groats, meal, it contains a large amount of gluten.And as semolina enough calories-about 350 killokalory 100 grams.But at the same time it is rich in B vitamins: B2, B9, B3, B6, B5.

# 2

recipe semolina will surprise and please the family in the early morning.For the preparation of this porridge is best to use a pan of stainless materials.For the middle portio

ns will need: a glass (200 ml) of milk, a tablespoon of cold water, 2 tablespoons of cereal, a teaspoon of sugar.First you need to splash water into a saucepan and put on fire.This little trick will save the milk from scorching.Then pour the milk and add sugar.It is necessary to add it in this moment, otherwise the milk starts to boil.Now we need to wait for the boiling milk.It is best to try not to go from the stove to "milk cap" did not run away.

# 3

next stage, falling asleep grains, is a crucial moment.Do not wait for the strong boil, on the other hand, as soon as the milk heats up and boils enough on the eyes, you need to start adding decoys.We must gradually, a thin stream of semolina fill in the milk begins to boil, stirring constantly with a spoon.If possible, it would be good to use a whisk: porridge without lumps should get.To avoid them for sure, it can be diluted with water and cereal in a thin stream pour in the milk.The most important on-not to close the pan with a lid, is one of the common mistakes mistresses: it is because of this begin to appear as unpleasant lumps.To prevent this, it is necessary to continue to stir the porridge cereals after falling asleep for 5-7 minutes.There is no need to be lazy, it's really important.Only after this time, you can close the pan with a lid and leave the "reach".If it has been observed, the result should get a delicious milk porridge.

# 4

Do not forget that you can cook porridge different: liquid and dense.As is known.gruel usually served for breakfast with butter.The thick porridge, for lunch or dinner with a variety of jam, jelly or cream.Instead of regular milk, you can use melted, throwing it at will.So it will taste even better.Of course, the cereal should be eaten hot or warm as: cold semolina loses all its flavor properties.Preheat is not recommended, and represent something new, always please.If you add to it a couple of eggs, chopped vegetables, cheese, butter and bake in the oven, it will turn out flavorful and rosy casserole.

# 5

I would like to once again note that the porridge for the baby-heavy product, so do not often with semolina.If a child flatly refuses to eat this dish when cooking, you can add to it a handful of raisins: raisins give its pleasant flavors.You can also add small pieces of peeled apple or pear, sliced ​​peaches or apricots, seedless berries.A more exotic version-banana puree.Thus, using a simple and useful tips you can prepare a delicious breakfast for the entire family.Good luck and bon appetit!