How to cook millet porridge with milk ?

How to cook millet porridge with milk ?
You will need:
  • millet cereal
  • milk
  • sugar a pinch of salt butter
# 1

Millet cereal is one of the most useful cereal in the world.It is rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals, which are so necessary to man in daily life!Everyone knows the adage that morning begins with breakfast, because it is from what he is, it depends on the mood and energy of a person throughout the day.In the morning, it is desirable to eat dense, diversifying the diet of dairy products and fruit.Porridge - a perfect breakfast option, especially now in the stores have a wide variety of cereals.Unfortunately, millet cereal is not the most popular in the world, it stands in the shadow of semolina, buckwheat and oat groats.But, if you want to try the porridge Pshenko, you should consider some of the following rules.Before cooking millet porridge with milk, it is necessary to choose a cereal at the store.It is desirable that a package is transparent grains, so it is possible to consider quality.The croup shoul

d not be a lot of black, rotten beans.All particles should be of the same size and color.It is important to know that the most important moment in the preparation - this preparation, during which the need to carefully select the grain and steam to flavor porridge is a better place, and dish - nourishing.

# 2

Today there are many variations on how to cook millet porridge.There is a "heavy" and "light" recipes.For more dense types of foods include millet porridge with meat or canned meat.More "female" option - is to cook a dish with milk, with the addition of fruit or dried fruit, honey or nuts.Recipes are so many, but to learn how to cook a mess right, not everyone can.So, you first need to define what consistency will millet porridge with milk.If you need a crumbly, then 1 cup of cereal necessary to take a half cup of milk.If you want to cook a thick porridge, the milk should take 2.5 cups.

# 3

Before cooking cereals, it must be thoroughly rinsed under running cold water and if there are black particles in the total mass, then from them it is necessary to get rid of, too.To seethe croup better, it needs to be soaked in water and leave for 1 hour.The special aroma of porridge can be obtained if to prepare it in a clay pot in the oven, so before you put the pot to languish, need a little boil cereals with added salt and sugar.At this time, the pot should be liberally greased with butter and lay on the bottom of his rump.cereal may be formulated with various additives: honey, raisins, prunes, apricots, and so on.Dried fruits should also be spread on the bottom of the pot.When ready, add a little milk, and the pot goes into the oven.He is languishing there for 1 hour.Then it goes and if you want, you can add a small piece of butter.

# 4

As you can see, cook millet cereal is not difficult, but before cooking it should be soaked in cold water for 1 hour, or pour the seeds boiled water, to subsequently cereal seethe well and was soft.Dishes from millet cereals can be prepared not only for breakfast but also for dinner.It is a versatile cereal, so it will be delicious in any form, and milk with honey, or Succulent with a piece of good meat!It is believed that the millet cereal has vitamins that help the skin to tone, so it is advised especially for older people.Also cereal useful for those who are always on a diet, because it is full of proteins that are normally found in meat or eggs, which can not be eaten during the weight loss process.More Pshenko called groats life due to rare and useful substances in it.