The most delicious pickles in the banks : how to pickle cucumbers on a special recipe ?

The most delicious pickles in the banks : how to pickle cucumbers on a special recipe ?
You will need:
  • 5 kilogram of cucumbers
  • marinade ingredients
# 1

Pickled cucumbers are one of the favorite delicacies of Russians, and their application finds himself not only as a snack fordrinks or various family gatherings, but also as an ingredient for hamburgers, salads, soups, rassolnik and even some types of pizza.For a young novice cook or hostess problem of how to pickle cucumbers in a 3-liter jars, it is particularly relevant, because it is tasty and does not require any special culinary skills.Many experienced housewives at issue, how to pickle cucumbers in banks, citing the classic, "grandmother" a recipe for seaming cucumbers with a standard list of products (tomatoes, garlic and horseradish).Here are a few more recipes that will not be superfluous to try even professionals in the cooking industry.

# 2

should do the following before manufacturing the marinade and seaming process: before seaming process for about 2.5-4 hours is recommended to wash and clean the sludge fro

m all the cucumbers and put it in any container filled with cold water (for example, enameledpelvis).This applies to newly purchased cucumbers, freshly removed from a bed to find water is not needed.Absolutely all the jars and lids should be thoroughly washed, just to shine, then filled with hot water halfway actively stir for a minute or two, and then send all the banks in the oven, preheated to 110-120 degrees inside.As soon as all the drops dry up, banks need to take;process is called sterilization.Before lowering the direct banks are advised to cook each cucumber omitted for 3-4 seconds in hot water: this will allow cucumbers retain its natural color (in this case, all banks should be under the tab ostyvshimi).

# 3

At the bottom of each prepared by banks is put a few leaves of currant, horseradish or cherry (to taste), 6-7 small or 2-3 medium cloves of garlic, 3-5 pieces of fresh bell pepper and a little dill.After these operations in banks cucumbers stacked rows just as is done in the table "Jeng" game, that is, three or four banks put in the bottom, next to them perpendicularly and so on.Further made marinade - special "sauce" consisting of vinegar (typically 9%), salt and sugar in equal quantities of acid (usually citric taken), and natural products.Preparation of the marinade is the easiest step in the process of seaming cucumbers and carried out in two easy steps: in a pot is poured 1.5 liters of water, then add 2 tablespoons of sugar and salt, a pinch of fennel seeds.After boiling the marinade is removed from the heat, add 150 grams of vinegar 9%, then he carefully poured.

# 4

Marinade can be poured into the banks practically into contact with the cap, but usually leave 1-2 mm space between the surface of the sauce and top banks.Further, the cover is screwed a special seaming machine until it stops at the same time should not overdo it, as you can simply give microcracks in the bank, so that later it will snap "seam".Then jar with cucumbers inverted and cleaned up its complete cooling, they are usually storage is done in any cool place (cellar, balcony, refrigerator).There are a few more interesting, even exotic recipes marinade, adding that each of the cucumbers will have its own unique taste.All The given recipes marinades written counting on one liter of water.

# 5

marinade with onions and carrots: in a saucepan with boiled water stir 130-150 grams of sugar (one and a half tablespoons) and 50 grams of salt, after boiling, add 300 grams of vinegar.Poured a marinade banks with cucumbers, at the bottom of which is already one grated carrot on a fine grater and two chopped onion and 3-4 cloves of garlic and a little bit of fennel seeds;marinade with red currant is prepared as follows: prior to boiling ranks peeled cucumbers stacked so that they are interspersed with small berries red or black (to taste) currant (about half a standard glass is required) and mint leaves.Marinade of this composition is made from one liter of water (pour some one and a half), one tablespoon sugar (sometimes one and a half) and salt.Sometimes I add a few small peas of black pepper (not more than four, otherwise it will "take away" the whole taste of currants).

# 6

cinnamon marinade is prepared as follows: in the standard volume of 4 liters pot filled with water, added further to 500-600 grams of salt, boiled and then added to the pickle jar with a few bay leaves and half a teaspoon of cinnamon(7-10 grams), it is possible to add more savory pea red and black pepper.It is important to observe proportionality, that the taste turned out without anyone's "advantages".Very often you can find a joke that, how to pickle cucumbers in the bank knows, probably, already a three-year Russian child in the US and European internet resources.Some truth in this certainly is, pickles, Russians are very fond of, to prepare them simply, and recipes so that the experiment can be a huge amount of time, constantly surprising loved ones tasty snacks.