Do you want to pickle green beans ?Here is a simple way to marinate the beans in Korean !

Do you want to pickle green beans ?Here is a simple way to marinate the beans in Korean !
You will need:
  • green beans
  • oil
  • salt
  • garlic
  • spices to taste
  • vinegar or lemon juice
# 1

as pickled green beans,so that its taste was rich and crisp structure, the question is not difficult - you will need a minimum of components for this delicacy.But before you marinate the beans, you need to choose the right variety and its degree of maturity, it is these components and determine largely the taste of the finished dish.Ideally suited dairy unripe pods young green beans, a little tougher taste of yellow string beans and not suitable for marinating young beans.Before you start cooking the beans should go through, to separate using scissors or a sharp knife tails and peduncle, and rinse thoroughly under running water.

# 2

Large pods of beans are longer than 10 cm. Cut into several pieces, the product is then boiled for 5-7 minutes in salted water.An important point: beans dipped in boiling salted water already, that's what helps her to maintain the freshness of color and a maximu

m of nutrients.After boiling chef and professional sellers pickles are a small trick, namely, pour over the hot beans with ice water, this process leads to the bright green beans and crunchy.Another, but more long way - to shift cooked pods in a colander and add crushed ice which will melt and thereby cool the beans.

# 3

After the green beans have cooled, you can directly start marinating, which use pre-cooked chilled marinade.Classic bean marinade for Korean composed exclusively of refined sunflower oil, salt, vinegar and garlic, but for many this recipe may seem boring, so it can safely add spices and seasonings.To prepare the marinade to heat the oil over low heat, gradually adding to it the garlic and spices.It is worth remembering that the taste of coriander and black pepper are well disclosed in boiling oil, garlic and here at this temperature can burn and spoil the taste of the finished dish.For a richer flavor, you can use dried dill, thyme, savory, ground bay leaf, nutmeg, fenugreek, a mixture of peppers, paprika and cloves.

# 4

The already cooled down, you can add the marinade and dried celery, paprika, tomato slices, sumac, dried onions, the taste is revealed gradually, thereby transmitting the bean spicy flavor.However, if these components are used in the recipe before adding vinegar or lemon juice should wait at least half an hour, or a sharp citrus or vinegar smell can kill the flavor of herbs and vegetables.As for vinegar, you can use the table, apple, grape or plum, it is not necessary to use wine and balsamic vinegar, they are not entirely compatible with the young green beans.To beans was more natural, you can take and lemon juice, but it is worth remembering that its volume must be greater due to lower concentrations of acids.

# 5 To prepare

pickled beans also needed salt, it is added directly to the pickle, and to water for boiling the product salt marinade volume should be approximately half tablespoon per kilogram of feedstock.The marinade salt is introduced gradually, stirring constantly sunflower oil with spices, small portions of helping uniform dissolution of salt, which invariably have a positive impact on the finished dish.For the marinade is best to use ordinary table salt, iodized sometimes acceptable, but it should be remembered that it can engage with some spices (eg cloves) and spoil the taste.As for the so popular now black salt, its use of excessively high sulfur content, it is not recommended for cooking marinated foods including beans.

# 6

Boiled and cooled beans spread a thin layer in a deep bowl with a lid, with each layer of the product pour marinade using a tablespoon.Stir the beans do not need, it is saturated with the marinade, and without it, in fact, intense shaking can damage the pods and make a dish unappetizing.Sometimes beans shift leaves of bay leaf, juniper berries, and even horseradish root, these recipes do not belong to classic, but quite acceptable, it all depends on the tastes.Marinate bean pods in a cool dark place for at least a day, connoisseurs say that the most saturated taste becomes after 48 hours, although there are those who prefer to bring to the table marinated green beans immediately after preparation.Utensils for preparing food must be sealed with a tight-fitting lid, preferably a plastic or glass.

# 7

Another component that many housewives must consider when preparing green beans, carrot is cooked on the classic recipe "in Korean."This combination is quite harmonious, and can vary the diet, enrich it with useful trace elements and vitamins, because the carrot is used in fresh form.To prepare the beans with carrots, scrubbed last long strips, mixed with salt and black pepper, add a little salt, sugar, chopped garlic and vinegar or lemon juice.Then the carrots spread layers, alternating with beans and leave for a day or more.Serve pickled beans as a separate dish or as an appetizer, sometimes used in salads, mostly Asian.