How to save for winter tomatoes : marinate or pickle ?Recipe spicy marinade

How to save for winter tomatoes : marinate or pickle ?Recipe spicy marinade
You will need:
  • Tomatoes;
  • quart jar;
  • salt, sugar, vinegar;
  • Pepper round, garlic, dill inflorescence;
  • bay leaf;
  • Leaves of black currant.
# 1

Pickled tomatoes and cucumbers - is a common and popular snack and a delicious addition to meat dishes.To date, it is difficult to know how to pickle tomatoes, so they have turned sour, sweet, spicy, salty.Because there is no universal recipe how to pickle tomatoes for the winter in liter jars, as each experienced hostess has its own secret ingredients that give tomatoes a special taste.Rolls tomatoes usually in summer and autumn, thus making stocks pickles for the winter.Salted tomatoes perfectly complement the diet during the winter, when the store fresh cucumbers and tomatoes are expensive and do not have the rich aroma and taste, such as vegetables from the garden or their own greenhouses.

# 2

If the hostess does not know how to pickle tomatoes, so they have turned out, for example, sweet, need to pay attention to the amount of sugar, salt

and vinegar, which are used in the recipe.If the sugar in the marinade more than salt, the tomatoes will turn out sharp and sweet.If the salt is greater than sugar, the tomatoes are sufficiently salt.But the taste of tomatoes depends not only on the composition of the marinade.You need to roll those tomatoes that are perfectly withstand all heat treatments and do not fall apart during storage or cooking.If the tomato is very thin skin, after pouring the boiling water, it may break and instead of whole vegetables and solid bank may be thick tomato.Tomato varieties are ideal for canning "Paradise apple", "Tarasenko Jubilee", "Caspar", "Heart of Gold," "Agatha".These different varieties of tomatoes are not too large in size and have a thick skin, which can withstand sterilization.

# 3

On one quart need a little more than a pound of medium-sized tomato.Based on these parameters, and you can count how many need to buy a kilo of tomatoes for 10 cans.Also, before you start canning is necessary to prepare all the extra ingredients and spices that are in the recipe.Peel the garlic and soak in cold water, bay leaf and pepper round to wash the dust from them.You also need a good wash under running water currant leaves, shoots of summer garlic and dill umbrellas."Grass" to dry on a towel.This is followed to prepare the container and lid for closing.Metal lid recommended wash with detergent and hot water after rinsing placed in boiling water sterilized.Banks also need to thoroughly cleaned and sterilized in the oven or under the open steam.If there is a dishwasher, you can wash it all banks with sterilization and tumble dryer.

# 4

After all packaging and ingredients are washed, you need to start laying the tomato and spices in jars.At the bottom of the container laid out garlic, garlic sprouts, a few leaves from the bush currant, dill, bay leaf.spices on top to gently lay the tomatoes.Before you start to fill in the bank, you need every tomato toothpick to pierce in several places near the stalk.Punctures ensure the integrity of the tomato after pouring boiling water.After all, banks are filled with tomatoes, need to boil several liters of clean water and pour the boiling water into the container.This is the primary sterilization.After 5 minutes, the water from the cans should be emptied into the sink.Then you need to boil a further portion of pure water and pour it into the jar.This party will be the water used to prepare the marinade.

# 5

second fill water must be drained back into the pot and put on fire.Now it's time to select the recipe that will make the tomatoes sweet, sour, sharp, or too salty.No complicated how to pickle tomatoes in a liter jars, giving a different taste tomatoes.Sweet Tomatoes produced in the case, if you add 1 tablespoon of salt in a future marinade 3 tablespoons of sugar and 3 tablespoons vinegar.This amount is calculated on a spice-liter jar with tomatoes.Not to be mistaken with the proportions, can be used two ways to prepare the marinade.In the first method, sugar, salt and vinegar are added directly in a jar of vegetables, and then into a container filled with cool boiled water.Banks need to roll up and then shake gently for some time in the hands of that sugar and salt dissolved in boiling water.

# 6

In the second method of preparation is necessary to drain the marinade in a pan with some water cans laid tomatoes.Then boil the liquid you want to add as much spice serving as cans was drained.During the boiling sugar and salt are dissolved and after rolling of banks do not need to shake it.Recipe pickled tomatoes are not too complicated.On the one-liter jar with tomatoes need to add 2 tablespoons salt and the same amount of sugar.The amount of vinegar in this recipe is slightly reduced due to the greater salt content - 2 tablespoons.Marinade for tomatoes also can be prepared in two ways.

# 7

Acute tomatoes are obtained if the recipe includes hot peppers and a few buds of cloves.Hot chili pepper must be carefully cut lengthwise and placed between tomatoes in the vegetable tab.On the one-liter jar you want to use 2 tablespoons salt and 3 tablespoons sugar.You also need to add to the marinade 3 tablespoons vinegar.Housekeeping tip: to banks with marinated tomatoes did not explode and stored all winter in an apartment, you need to increase the sterilization time.Make it simple: after the banks will be rolled up, they need to make on the table or floor in a row and tightly wrap a blanket or quilt.