How to choose a fashionable hairstyle in the summer 2014?

How to choose a fashionable hairstyle in the summer 2014?
You will need:
  • magazines with hairstyles
  • experienced stylist
# 1

spring and the summer of 2014, any girl can change the hairstyle, and make it the best way.This season does not dictate major changes in fashion, and offers a rich variety of hair lengths, cutting and styling methods.It is important to choose something that is suitable to the image of a woman, her face type.This will help experts from salons.Sometimes, kindly browse fashion magazines and choose something original.Ladies elegant age prefer the classics of course, but very young girls having fun experimenting.Spring season 2014 favorable to all.It is not necessary in the pursuit of fashion deprived long luxurious hair, an experienced master will advise as to cut them so that you can make a new original hairstyle.

# 2

Recently in vogue long hair, which deliver excellent and evening hairstyles, and deliberately careless, casual.You can slightly lighten the ends, and will be the impression that she had just got out of bed.T

his type can be given if after washing the hair with a special gel to grease and a little beat up his hands.Now this view of the peak of popularity.Well look long straight hair, separated by parting.However, this hairstyle requires impeccable health, is not permitted dull color and split ends.A good hairdresser can offer bob haircut for medium length hair.Will give a special charm to paint, simulating burning in the sun.Brightening some strands that are very interesting to look at the background of natural red or blond.

# 3

For lush hairstyle with fashionable large waves, will have to use hair curlers, as there needs volume.As the base may be non-defective haircut square.Many hairdressers offer to fly to do very short haircut.Firstly, it makes any younger woman, and secondly, it is just convenient.In the heat of the hair does not lie on the neck and do not interfere.You do not need a lot of time to bring the head back in order.The main thing that it was clean.Girl hairstyle enough hands to give the desired shape and everything.Outside the hair dries instantly.Experts say that short hair significantly improves the appearance.Vitamins and minerals consumed the usual amount, and the volume is less.Hence, better health.And the consumption of paint for the hair is much reduced.

# 4

in the coming season will be the favorite of a very short fashionable hairstyle.Summer 2014 promises to be hot, and these hairstyles are easy to use."Bob" is not out of fashion for more than 100 years old, the Bole that hairdressers invent ever new variations.It may be a long fringe at the truncated hair on the back of the head, or the classic head smooth, with carelessly protruding strands.It is advisable to find a good master, that he found exactly the style that best suits this woman.With a round face haircut can visually pull the oval face, thin girl does not fit that looks fine in full.Haircut "Bob" is suitable for energetic ladies, because it does not require any special stowage in the cabin and adjust all too often it is also not necessary.

# 5

classic bob is a life filled with both very short and in the medium-length hair.It is convenient because it is a lot of room for imagination.The base should be cut to make an experienced, proven hairdresser, but to diversify the look of every woman can own.Smooth hairstyle - hair to hair - suitable for business or a strict dress code.But going for a walk in the park can be slightly curled hair and give a romantic look.Inventive girl zacheshet strand behind her ear and secure with beautiful barrette or twirl them into small curlers and get something entirely new with a slight craziness.Straight bangs down and recycled ends will change the appearance almost beyond recognition.

# 6

If the girl has an average length of hair, the stylist will offer haircut cascade.Each strand has a length and a whole turns out beautifully and elegantly.Laying can be done such that it reflects the general style.Here much depends on the nature and the circumstances.If a young woman prefers or chooses in the moment, jeans with a T-shirt or mini skirt, you can simply tie a ponytail naughty and chёlochku and a few strands at the temples leave free.Going to a social event, it is best to go to your hairdresser who will come up with an elegant hairstyle with beautiful hairpins and artificial flowers.In itself, this hairstyle looks somewhat casually, that reflects the fashion trend of the season 2014.

# 7

hair shoulder-length or longer are made with the help of a ladder shearing.Interesting is the fact that there remains a major length of the hair, but the overall look is more attractive.In addition, this style creates the appearance of greater volume that will appeal to many women.Extravagant girl certainly like Trendy hairstyles "Spring - Summer 2014", which can always be found in professional journals.For the young and energetic, they offer so-called ragged haircut.They are made with a razor, and they look like the master's hand and shook it sostrig superfluous.If there is insufficient time "ragged" only do a bang and this is enough to create a modern image.By the way, similar to doing a chёlochkoy and if the main mass of hair length.

# 8

Young always favors fashion.Spring-Summer 2014 offers a variety of hairstyles.A favorite of the season - a geometric haircut.This can be directly trimmed bangs and straight line on the back of his head.Some girls modern master stylist can advise to make a bang obliquely, that is, on the one hand it will be longer than the other - shorter.But this beauty requires constant correction, because the grow hair lose shape.However, for the sake of beauty, and you can sacrifice some of their time.