Fashion trends of summer - 2014: how to stay in the trend ?

Fashion trends of summer - 2014: how to stay in the trend ?
You will need:
  • Silk and cotton
  • pleated skirt
  • Shorts
  • Bags Leather
  • Short T-shirts and tops
  • Ballerinas
# 1

Trends 2014surprises: on clothes prudes have to forget.The best style that will be a success - sport with elements of femininity.Free silhouette give a feeling of lightness and flight, with naked stomach - the main trend of the season.It shows on their proven designers Gregory Parkinson, Betsey Johnson and Louis Vuitton.Open body strip is relevant in any way: fit and romantic style, and extravagant, and concise.The mod also overestimated waist skirts, and low landing remains relevant.must choose either a very narrow, or vice versa - is extremely broad.Same thing with a skirt: suit and "pencil" and flared skirt.You can choose tight pants "skinny."To create an ensemble fit shirts with American armhole and shirts bustier.

# 2

Fashion Trends Spring-Summer 2014 is also used to effect tissue perforation.It basically lace and leather.Fashion trend summer of 2014. -geometric perfo

rated pattern of circles, diamonds and ornaments that give volume.In fashionable fabrics spring Anniversary 2014 were silk and cotton.Also popular are satin and brocade.On the basis of these materials make excellent model, suitable any fashionista.This year, Fashion designers have offered to decorate fashionable fabric summer of 2014. golden sequins or give relief with the help of elements in the form of gold coins.This image will be relevant to any length and type of clothing: from mini skirts, shorts and trousers to long evening dresses, blouses, tops and sundresses, and appropriate in any society: from the street to the company's private parties.The main thing - do not overdo it with the brightness and sparkles in the image.

# 3

Prints that dictates fashion summer 2014 recall stories -abstraktsionistov artists.This blurred spots and shapes of different colors.sometimes body parts - lips and eyes of people.But there is a craving for South Asian motifs and color paintings in the genre of Oriental painting.Also fashion for spring - summer 2014 involves the use of safari styles and marine stripes in clothing and accessories.From colors to choose a preferred white, according to the design concept, which is called "a clean slate".For those who love being in the spotlight and still uninhibited and daring, fit leather pants, dresses and plenty of chains and rivets on clothing and footwear.Romantic offer "Pastel Bliss" - fabric clothing marshmallow colors, giving the image of unearthly charm.Popular and multipart forms.

# 4

swimsuits, which will be in a trend of beach season, are a variety of options for every girl.This retro high-waisted, and closed laconic swimwear and swimsuits à la "greetings from 60" to surround the bottom, which visually increase the amount of your thighs.Also from the 60s in 2014 moved to swimwear zastezhkoy- lightning.A swimwear fabric with stripes - the new trend of the season.But they come only to those who have no problems with the figure.From the decor elements on a swimsuit looks edge, based on the contrast of colors.In standard fashion and thingies, so your favorite romantic girls.From the most popular prints - with a dash of ethnic decorative motifs.Many appreciate the leopard prints on bathing suits, creating a bold images.For lovers of black suit monokini swimsuits.

# 5

accessories From summer 2014 demand will be greatest spectacles - "Aviator", earrings, consisting of multiple tiers, in the style of the bag "ethno".As the jewelry will look good plastic bracelets with bright pictures and double bracelets, made of metal and leather wristbands, bracelets with large stones, which give a bright accent decoration, pearl bracelets.Bracelets made of plastic suitable for any image and give it integrity.No less clearly would look heavy rings and earrings with stones.Earrings in the shape of an oval, round-faced girls go.A diamond-shaped earrings do not wear those with square or long face.Still in demand earrings - rings.Unusually will look earrings - arrows, as well as earrings, decorated with fringe and tassels.

# 6

Shoes offered by fashion designers in the summer of 2014, includes such popular form, like ballet flats.They are comfortable, convenient and easy to help this type of shoe is always in demand.For different images, you can choose different colors ballerinas, styles and materials.Ballerinas in suede fabric suitable for those who love the muted colors: suede slightly neutralize flashy shades.Prints of strips and images of flowers on ballet flats will give their owner the brightness and extravagance, and gold ballet flats -oschuschenie luxury.The golden color will go for a party or a trip to the theater, but it is not necessary for them to choose bright clothes: it is best to look formal suit or dress.Ballerina with toe, the color different from the core, reduces the length of the shoe and is the original notion of designers.

# 7

Thus, experimenting with shapes, colors, prints and embellishments, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be able to choose an individual style that will successfully fit into the fashion trends of summer 2014.Each type has its own colors, silhouettes, fabrics, shoes, jewelry and accessories: for passionate natures, and "fatal" women and for "dreamer, living in castles in the air."But in the pursuit of fashion should not try on the fashion trends without any changes.You can take different styles and options to create on their basis of a unique, self-image, it does not overburden its many details.Then fashion sparkle with new colors and give the appearance of finality completely, focusing on the specific details of costume jewelry or individual.