How to shorten the watch strap ?

How to shorten the watch strap ?
You will need:
  • Wristwatch with strap or bracelet
  • Screwdriver
  • Shiloh
  • Scissors
# 1

For starters need to disconnect from the bracelet watch.This is to ensure that when it is shortening accidentally scratching or damaging the watch, as it will have to work with metal instruments.Shorten the bracelet watch is possible without detaching the strap, but it is better to follow these instructions and to disconnect it.Most modern wristwatch bracelet is attached to the watch through a tiny shaft.Inside it contains a very thin, elastic spring, which presses on both sides of the small holders, and they are already stuck in two grooves, located opposite each other on the clock itself.When you disconnect one side to reduce the bracelet, press the awl to one of the holders and accurately get the shaft.The other side of the strap detaches similarly.

# 2

If metal bracelet, it should first be mounted on the table, at least at one end.Next you want to take a screwdriver and pick up and then bend the

plate at one end of the desired level.We must now do the same with the other end of the link.All you can get a link, it is no longer attached to the main bracelet.If one link is not clear enough, the screwdriver to bend the plate on both sides of several chains, and then carefully remove from the bracelet links.This is followed by extreme staple units in the remaining bracelet, which has now become the desired length.Required to attach to each other two plates to straighten and bend them gently with a screwdriver, so they grappled with each other.Now you can safely try on the clock with a short bracelet.

# 3

If the strap is leather or leather substitutes, it is important to know how to shorten it.It will be even easier than with metal bracelet.After disconnecting the strap of the watch, it is necessary on the one hand with a screwdriver to unscrew the bracelet folded around the shaft mounting, which usually consists of a small nut and bolt.Followed by spread strap and a pair of scissors carefully cut the end of the desired length.Next, we need to pierce a hole with an awl at the end of the strap in the folded state and tighten it in the bolt with a nut.The strap is shortened, it is possible to put on the clock and try.So now anyone reading this article people will be able to shorten the bracelet myself hours of two types: metal and leather.In no case should not throw bracelet watch, if it does not fit in length.His shortened easy!