Trendy colors of the summer of 2014 : how to update your wardrobe ?

Trendy colors of the summer of 2014 : how to update your wardrobe ?
You will need:
  • Purple tulip
  • Greenish "hemlock"
  • Freesia and cayenne pepper
  • Orange celosia
# 1

In fashion back trends 90s with bright,sometimes even garish, colors and prints.On the catwalks of Paris and Milan models in dresses with floral patterns, faces of people and animals.Countries with the hot sun inspired design on a collection of bright juicy colors with images of birds, flowers and plants.Riot of colors suitable only courageous, confident in his perfect women.But fashion has left room for maneuver.Balances abundance of bright color combinations calm pastel range, which also falls into the category of "fashion colors Summer 2014".Tranquil shades successfully complement the bright colors of sun, sea, sky, summer greenery and balance the overall composition.For example, in the fashion dresses, blouses and jackets beige, ivory with bright exotic patterns.Nina Ricci collection made in white.

# 2

stylish girls who follow the novelties of the fashion industry, will please and in

spire stylistic solutions and trendy colors 2014 spring-summer.In addition to the spring-summer palette gives a sense of stability, it makes it possible to combine clothes to the discretion of lovers of bright colors.These extraordinary, previously unknown combinations give the opportunity to look differently at the world.The names of the upcoming season colors do not sound less exotic than decorating their prints.The girls put on offer a serene blue, purple tulip, hemlock, blue-gray, sand, milling, cayenne pepper, orange celosia, radiantovuyu orchid.Rounding out the parade of trend colors dazzling blue, which is already a few seasons left at the top of popularity among international designers.

# 3

wardrobe update any woman should take place regularly with the onset of the next season.But this does not mean that you need to buy all the things from the collections of famous artists.Enough to buy one or two things or enhancement of current colors, which effectively complement the existing things in the wardrobe.Of course there are styles that will look out of place in this season.For example, wide pants should be deferred to future times, if fashion houses on the catwalk show strongly narrowed copies.At each turn of the spiral repeated fashion some items of clothing, but there are some differences, for which you need to follow.However, the basic things that migrate from season to season, there is every woman.They can form the basis of onions, which should be supplemented by footwear, bags, belts desired colors.

# 4

should consider more fashionable colors of summer 2014 and their combination with other shades to create your perfect wardrobe.She must not forget that no matter what fashion was not a color, it should come to her eyes, skin tone and hair color.Otherwise, the pursuit of a sense of its involvement in the fashion Olympus will lead to a vulgar and tasteless appearance.Palette with the unusual name "hemlock" approach to representatives tsvetotipa "spring", "summer" and "autumn".This shade of green is different from all previously submitted.There is no greenery in the conventional sense, there are no shades of grass, leaves, fruit.Hemlock - something sublime, such can only meet in the sky.It is also called the northern lights color.In such subtle nature tones Dress with balanced character.

# 5

If the repository of things sorely lacking is basic copies, should think about buying clothes now actual sand and bluish hues.The color of the sand is very warm, reminiscent of the summer vacation on the sunny beaches.With him you have to be careful owners of cold skin tones, so - it does not suit owners of the winter type of appearance.This beige will suit women with a similar skin color with him or with even warmer hue.Basic colors 2014 summer fashion offering combined with more complex hints of the new season, or wear as separate sets of clothes.Starting colors help to collect the image together.They set off the bright beneficial elements of style, extending its capabilities.Onions made up of neutral colors suitable both for leisure and for work in the office.

# 6

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014, which colors are different shades of originality, called radiantovuyu or radiant orchid basic shades of this summer season.A variety of purple may be relevant in all areas of a woman's life.It is a combination of creativity and intellectual activity, purpose and strength of mind as well as warmth and tenderness.Color extraordinarily versatile.No wonder called purple fireworks of feelings and passions.Another fashionable shade of purple palette - purple tulip, or more simply, lilac.A favorite of color romantic, dreamy natures.Lilac fits all colortype except winter.It is rare to find business suits, made in this color, but in the form of a cocktail it will be very helpful.Good looks purple tulip in outerwear.

# 7

One of the brightest and most summer flowers for the second season is yellow.Today it is a shade - freesia.It continues to march solar panel vital and energetic erotic neon orange and red with a piercing called "Cayenne".Bright COLOR can serve as a focus in the image of the modern woman who does not want to look too provocative and prefers quiet tone in the locker room.It can be a handbag, shoes or belt.Accent color is present in the singular in properly selected image.But maybe the combination of the pair.For example, belt and handbag, ballet shoes and beads.For the more daring the fairer sex designers prepared dresses, blouses passionate, hot sun shades.In any case, the girl in the bright will not go unnoticed and is today in the trend.