How to clean spoons of stainless steel ?

How to clean spoons of stainless steel ?
You will need:
  • lemon juice
  • salt
  • soda
  • thick coffee
  • broth from boiled potatoes
# 1

How sad when your favorite dishes from the stainless steel startsto lose its appeal.There are spots, and lost that unique shine.Pans, forks, spoons, made of stainless steel, need special care, but it's a lot of work that requires a great desire to save their favorite dishes, and requires specific knowledge.How to clean the spoon and fork made of stainless steel - the answer to the question I have to know every woman, so a couple of rules to help clean spoons of stainless steel.

# 2

Clean spoon made of stainless steel, you can use baking soda and salt.It is necessary to put the dishes on the bottom of the metal ware, pour boiling water and add the salt and baking soda.Boil should be on low heat 15-18 minutes.Next, you must carefully control the bowl from the pan, rinse under cold water, wipe with a dry cloth and enjoy it the same luster.In addition to this method favorite forks, spoons, knives can

be dipped in boiling water, which had previously been sprinkled on soda and mustard.Small parts utensils and narrow gaps are best cleaned with a brush.After the procedure, wash the dishes under water and wipe with a dry cloth.

# 3

Cutlery stainless steel is easy to clean out the sponge with dry soda drinking.Interestingly, the raw potato will help restore its former luster ware.To do this, cut the potatoes into pieces, and rubbed their forks, spoons and knives.In addition, a rag soaked in vinegar, helps clean stainless steel utensils.Noticing on the blade of the knife rusty patina, it is recommended to remove using slices of onion or cork.Do not forget about caution.So, it is recommended to rinse thoroughly after cleaning stainless steel utensils in cold water, and then wipe dry with a dry towel.

# 4

specks appeared on the knives, forks and spoons are well remove the lemon juice.But after necessarily need to rub woolen cloth dish, if you do not want to get scratched.It should be noted that the coffee grounds perfectly washes stainless steel.Finishing his coffee, taken from the Turks thick and thoroughly rub it cutlery, rinse with water and wipe the hard tissue.Cleaning utensils made of stainless steel can also be successful in the case of potato broth.In the broth, which was cooked potatoes, dip a spoon and fork, and cook for another 10-20 minutes.In addition, the stores sell a special paste for cleaning stainless steel cookware.It is safe for human health and well-cleans dishes from rust and stains.