How to make fire in the woods in winter?

How to make fire in the woods in winter?
You will need:
  • desire to survive and achieve its goal
  • Matches or kit
  • branches
# 1

To start, you need to figure out what in the woods in winter may need to fire.The answer is simple - if people froze or got lost.It is necessary to examine in more detail how to make fire in the forest.The oldest method of breeding a fire in a strong frost is unlikely will work, so rub the stick on stick, probably meaningless.If a man took with him into the woods matches, it remains only to get firewood.They will serve as the dry branches, which in the forest, usually enough.It is important to find a quiet place, preferably a small clearing on all sides surrounded by low trees.We must not forget how to handle a fire, as the forest fire may occur due to negligence, and that in no case should not be allowed.Kindle Fire can bark.

# 2

What to do, if not turned out in the woods with a matches?The main thing is not to panic.There are many methods of extraction of fire without matches.We need to find two st

ones.In winter, little snow to do it easy, but if a lot of snow, you have to try.Many people know how to make sparkler, but this will be discussed as to ignite a fire by striking a stone against stone.It requires first two stones rubbed against each other, and then the sharp movements of hitting one of the other, directing the resulting sparks bark.After some time the fire should occur.Next will be the most interesting.Now it is necessary to talk about how to make an artificial fire.This will require ambulance box.She should be with you always, with any hike in the woods.

# 3

from traveling first aid kit is required to take a syringe, glycerin and potassium permanganate.On bark need to pour a bunch of potassium permanganate.Then it should pour a little glycerin and went to complete the reaction, pour a little water is required, a handful of snow to melt in the palm of your hand.The resulting mixture of birch bark and hiss sure lights up.How to get the fire chemically, and now everyone knows to read this article.Chemical fire is very reliable.They can even ignite damp kindling, bark or any other crust.If the fire is no longer needed, it is required to put out a good and fill up with snow.So now everyone who has studied these instructions, know how to kindle a fire in the woods in the winter if necessary.This is easy to do!The main thing - the desire to reach your goal!